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Pentazenium - Wikipedia


The pentazenium cation (also known as pentanitrogen) is a positively charged polynitrogen ion of the chemical formula N+ 5. Together with dinitrogen, solid nitrogen polymers and the azide anion, it is one of the only three polynitrogen species obtained in bulk quantities.

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what is the limit as n goes to infinity of n^n/n!? | Yahoo Answers


Well if n=1, the limit would be 1 n=2, 2 n=3, 27/6 = 4.5 n=4, 10.67 n=5, 26.04167 (etc. etc. until it reaches infinity) lim n^n/n! = DNE (does not exist) or infinity.

Unit 6


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code golf - Hyperprogramming...


Try it online: N+N, N*N, N^N. Assumes that the STDIN input is exactly one char. ><> is a 2D language, so we can make use of the fact that code semantics are mostly unchanged if we execute instructions downwards — the extra empty lines that ensue are just no-ops.

Tetraazidomethane - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Tetraazidomethane is a colorless, highly explosive liquid. Its chemical structure consists of a carbon atom substituted with four azide functional groups. Edit. It was first prepared by Klaus Banert in 2006 by reaction of trichloroacetonitrile with sodium azide. Edit.

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