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Regular Expressions how to Logical AND


Resulting in: 1: No pair of repeating digits 3 times or more ((\d\d)\1){2} 2: No group of 3 repeating digits 2 times or more ((\d)(\d)(\d))\1 3: No group of 4 repeating digits 2 times or more ((\d)(\d)(\d)(\d))\1 4: No group of 5 repeating digits 2 times or more ((\d)(\d)(\d)(\d)(\d))\1 5: No incrementing groups of 1...

airsoft66.ru - AIRSOFT 66 D????€D°D1DoD±D?D???D?D?Dμ...



altosan.md - Altosan | Makita D? Maktec...


MAKITA D2 D?Dμ??D???D±D?D?DoDμ D?D?D?D′D?D2D°.

Alex Ettinger 90 Memorial Tourney Award


Prize - Semion Shifrin (Israel). Ettinger 90 MT 2015. 'd'd'd'd d'd'dpd' 'd'dpd'd d'd'iBH' 'd'd'd'd d'd'dPd' 'd'd'd'd dQd'd'd'.

Fall Quarter 2016


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Morale, rally and disorder | 9L d d d d+2 D


Def - - - - d d d d D 1 1d. Position Modifiers Rear Flank Front-Flank/Front-Rear/Flank-Rear Surround Combined Arms Each attacking hex in ZOC of Non-Assaulted Enemy Unit Charge Modifiers HC Charging LC HC Charging Frontally (not Square) HC Charging D-1/D-2 Inf (not Square) Other...



c11x1 + c12x2 + · · · + c1nxn = d1. c21x1 + c22x2 + · · · + c2nxn = d2. . ... .. cr1x1 + cr2x2 + · · · + crnxn = dr.

Dynamic Square obstructions as a tool for dual avoidance in


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