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We seem to be very friendly and enthusiastic about participating in all the .... Last summer my parents and I went hiking to the mountains. We spent the whole week together and enjoyed it very much. How often do you take active holidays? ...... In your letter answer her questions, ask 3 questions about his trip to Greece.

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During the holidays my friend (to visit) the village where he (to live) in his childhood. 9. When they (to enter) .... Last summer we (to live) in the country and ( to go) to the river every day. 2. My sister (to ... I never (to be) to Greece. 12. They ( to tell) ...

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My parents know how much I like beach holiday, that's why every summer we go somewhere hot. Last year we visited Greece. It was our first time in this beautiful ...

My summer holidays (Мои летние каникулы) - О себе - Топики на ...


23 авг 2014 ... After my hard and busy school year my summer holidays began. ... After that I went to the sports camp where I spent seven days. ... I was fishing with my grandpa and we were cooking fish together. ... I visited Germany and England last summer. ... My summer holidays in Greece · My Summer Holidays.

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2 сен 2014 ... We went to school together when we were boys, so we saw each other every day . ... I can't go on holiday because I have broken my leg (неправильно: 'I can't go on holiday because I broke .... We had intended to go to Wales this summer. ... When I last saw John, he'd been running and was out of breath.

My summer holidays in Greece - О себе - Топики на английском ...


3 сен 2014 ... It was chilly when we landed and it was raining. But the following day the ... I liked my holidays in Greece very much and I hope I shall go there again. Перевод: ... How I spent last summer · Summer Holidays. (с переводом ...

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Last year we took our two daughters to visit Greece... Heaven on Earth! ... And I will never go anywhere else in the world for a summer holiday... When.

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Due to the recommendation on the list we contacted Actilingua. ... She also went to a tennis academy on her on the U-Bahn to prepare for ... I really liked the teachers (same as last year!) and that I could improve my ... Georgia-Simone, Greece ... that i´ve spent in summer school were the best summer holidays i´ve ever had.

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2, Her holiday in California lasted 10 days, 3. ... Last year we spent two weeks in Greece. ..... 14.1 went to___German Republic last summer, but I haven't been ...

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Helen: Well, boys, I traveled to Greece and Egypt last summer. I told you the ... I thought we spoke in a very quiet voice but the teacher heard our talk. She said: “I  ...

last summer we went to greece on holiday


while on holiday in Greece. We went on holiday together last summer. I haven’t had a decent holiday for years.

Last summer we (a strayed, went, came) to Greece on holiday.


hot and sunny all the time. We went swimming in the sea every day and we ate a lot of ice cream. We also went on a boat trip and(see, saw, sea) some dolphins.



Last summer I decided to go on holiday with my friends. We went to Greece by train. We wanted to go by bus, but we didn’t buy tickets in time.

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while on holiday in Greece. We went on holiday together last summer. I haven’t had a decent holiday for years.



Anna: “I’m planning my holiday for next summer and I don’t know whether I should have a lazy holiday or an exciting one. Last year I went on holiday to southern Spain with my best friends, Joanna and Ling.

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Should I go to Greece this summer? From near economic ruin to bearing the brunt of the 2015/16 refugee crisis, Greece has had to overcome a great deal in the last few years.

Summer holidays in Greece and the islands - Greeka.com


Organize your summer holidays in Greece and the Greek Islands with Greeka.com.

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Book Greece Holidays with Thomas Cook.

6. In Last summer he went to Greece on holiday. a. Correct b. Wrong


(5) _ the afternoon we went to a concert in the park.


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