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They take a lot of time to buy furniture and make their homes beautiful. They buy books ... They are part of modem America too, because people copy the old styles in new houses. The history ... In provincial towns like mine is we have only amateur dramatics. That's why I .... In England, horse bus service began in the 1820's.

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A. As in many other European countries, Britain's main newspapers are losing their readers. ... They give a lot of coverage to scandal and details of people's private lives. ... They even earn some money by offering rides to tourists. .... They enjoy theme parks like the Walt Disney World Resort and the Sea World Resort, ...

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7 янв 1984 ... Nationalism is currently on the rise in regions like Eastern Europe and .... People have become accustomed by now to expect that the future will.

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Being happy together · British traditions ... There are a lot of different diseases;. - Unfortunately, about ... People of different nations have proverbs about health which underline the importance of health. .... I like cycling and horse riding. P2: Isn't ...

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They ______ anything like it before and they refused to believe that it was a ... It is not very rare, but some people worry that water pollution could be a ... We still ______ much about this mysterious animal and we have a lot to learn. ... the only personal means of transport were the horse and the bicycle. ... Tourism in Britain.

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Слова he, she, be, me, English, British. 2-5. Отработка. ... Ввод слов like, cat, hi, bye. 5-6. .... Ввод слов then, people, get. 2. ... Ввод слов invite, visit, zoo, monkey , kangaroo, hawk, pig, bear, horse. 6. ... Ввод и отработка слов clean, flower, give, put, put on, a lot, drink, because. 7. ..... Неправильные глаголы burn и ride.



the second largest city in the British. 2. ... _____ people never left _____ village from one year to the next. ... Would you like ______ more tea? ..... Thanks a lot.

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11 мар 1997 ... Му mistress' eyes are nbthing like the sun 82 24. СХХХ. .... Song со the Men of England 376 108. Мужам ..... Lend me but your horse and your apparel, I 'll ride to fair London and answer the quarrel.' 'Now I am ..... And wilt thou leave me thus, That hath loved thee so long ln wealth and woe among? And is ...



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News Who wants to leave Greater Washington? Lots of people, apparently.

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like Elizabeth May a great deal as a political leader.

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