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analyse the differences of opinion implied in the above passage.

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Analyze is preferred in American and Canadian English. Analyse is the preferred spelling outside North America. There are no other differences between analyze and analyse.

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2. to break down into components or essential features: to analyse a financial structure.

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analyse ‎(third-person singular simple present analyses, present participle analysing, simple past and past participle analysed). British standard spelling of analyze. analysable. analyser. IPA(key): /aːnaːˈliːzə/. Rhymes: -iːzə. Hyphenation: ana‧ly‧se.

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Definition of analyse. chiefly British variant of analyze.

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The definition of analyse, commonly spelled analyze, means to learn about something by looking closely at its individual parts and determining how they work together.

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The report was written after analysing data from the case histories of thousands of patients.

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Analyse or analyze may refer to: Analyse, to do or make an analysis (disambiguation). "Analyse" (Thom Yorke song), a song by Thom Yorke from the 2006 album The Eraser. "Analyse" (The Cranberries song), a song by The Cranberries from the 2001 album Wake Up and Smell the Coffee.

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analyse meaning, definition, what is analyse: to examine or think about something care...

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carefully [profoundly, chemically, scientifically] analyse — подвергать тщательному [глубокому, химическому, научному] анализу logically [minutely] analyse — разбирать логически...

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