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2 июл 2014 ... Раньше Android SDK поддерживал только JDK версии 6, .... Layout Name — имя layout, для редактора UI, также оставляем по умолчанию. ... Set up the user interaction to manually show or hide the system UI. ..... and hides the system UI (i.e. * status bar and navigation/system bar) with user interaction ...

Unity - What's new in Unity 3.5.3

Shuriken Particle System - Built-in Pathfinding - Upgraded Occlusion Culling & new ... If you want to completely clear the mesh, including vertex format layout, use mesh. ... inclusion of native plugins will also respect "Symlink Unity libraries" flag. ... iOS: fixed issue with native UI on top of unity view with non-animated rotation.

Unity - Руководство: Платформенно зависимая компиляция

UNITY_ANDROID, Определение платформы для Android. UNITY_PS3 ... Log(" Stand Alone Windows"); #endif } // C# using UnityEngine; using System.

Unity - What's new in Unity 4.6.3

Documentation: Updated documentation for iOS 64-bit and UI. iOS: Added ... iOS: Allow to set compile flags for already existing files in Xcode API. iOS/IL2CPP: ...

Unity - Руководство: Окно Occlusion Culling

Regular frustum culling only renders objects within the cameras view. ... компоненте Mesh Renderer, вы можете изменять соответствующие Static flags:.

Class Specifiers | Unreal Engine

GET UNREAL · Get Started with UE4 ..... Slate UI Framework · Slate Architecture · Details Panel Customization .... Unreal Build System · Configuring Unreal Build ...

Unity - Руководство: Решение проблем на iOS устройствах

Layout Element ..... в Xcode, выберите из меню “View” > “Navigators” > “Show Project ... в поле поиска введите: “Other C Flags”; добавьте там флаг -mno- thumb и .... <linker> <assembly fullname="mscorlib"> <namespace fullname=" System. ... WWW загрузки нормально работают в редакторе Unity и на Android, но ...

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Mollom: Content monitoring - Mollom is a free web service to get rid of spam, ... Bootflat Flat UI Color Picker - a project digging the Flat Color Picker which gives you the .... to hide top navigation into a navigation drawer on Tablets and Mobile Phones. .... Flattr - Social microdonations - Flattr is a social microdonation system.

Unity - Руководство: Standalone Player Settings

The options are Disabled, Enabled and Hidden by Default (ie, the dialog only appears if the .... flag, read more here and should increase input responsiveness.

Applications | Victor Laskin's Blog

Small guide: how to support immersive mode under Android 4.4+ ... allows to make system bars translucent and extend application area to fit all screen. ... navigation bar is hidden – using SYSTEM_UI_FLAG_IMMERSIVE_STICKY flag. ... New version has adjustable color schemes and ability to hand-tune widget layout.

android - setSystemUiVisibility... - Stack Overflow

setSystemUiVisibility(SYSTEM_UI_FLAG_LAYOUT_HIDE_NAVIGATION) does not work.


It’s only in June 2012 with the coming of Jelly Bean (android 4.1) that the flag SYSTEM_UI_FLAG_HIDE_NAVIGATION became functional, and allowed the System bar to be

Small guide: how to support immersive mode under Android 4.4+

In Android 4.4 version we have new Immersive mode which allows to make system bars translucent and extend application area to fit all screen.


Class android.view.View. Removed Methods.

Android: Immersive Mode - Режим погружения (Android 4.4)

package ru.alexanderklimov.test; import; import android.os.Bundle; import android.view.Menu; import android.view.View

Unity tidbits: changing the visibility of Android’s navigation and status...

class ApplicationChrome { /** *. Manipulates the system application Chrome to change the way the status bar and navigation bar work * *.

FullScreen and Navigation Bar Color in a NativeScript Android app




Android Immersive Mode for Dialog


SystemUiHelper · GitHub

import android.view.WindowManager; /** * Helper for controlling the visibility of the System UI across the various API levels.

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