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Asterisk::AMI - search.cpan.org | Event Handlers


Ryan Bullock > Asterisk-AMI > Asterisk::AMI. Download: Asterisk-AMI-v0.2.8.tar.gz.

7.3. The Asterisk Manager Interface (AMI)


After restarting Asterisk we can connect to the AMI on port 5038 from the system shell using telnet[41]

asterisk-ami-client | Events


Support any data packages (action/event/response/custom responses) from AMI; With this client you can select you'r own case of programming interactions with Asterisk AMI.

Configuration | Chapter 20. Asterisk Manager Interface (AMI)


The main configuration file for the AMI is /etc/asterisk/manager.conf.

Коротко об Asterisk Manager Interface | Примеры сообщений AMI


Asterisk Manager Interface (AMI) — интерфейс Asterisk, позволяет другим приложениям обмениваться

GitHub - marcelog/PAMI: PHP Asterisk Manager Interface ( AMI )...


PAMI means PHP Asterisk Manager Interface. As its name suggests its just a set of php classes that will let you issue commands to an ami and/or receive events, using an observer-listener pattern.

Getting Started with the PAMI: PHP Asterisk Manager Interface


Open the connection to asterisk AMI.

Asterisk AMI Events Filtering


Home » Asterisk Users » Asterisk AMI Events Filtering. September 17, 2015 Sam Basan Asterisk Users 2 Comments.

Asterisk manager API - voip-info.org | Asterisk Events


The Asterisk Manager Interface (AMI) allows a client program to connect to an Asterisk instance and issue commands or read events over a TCP/IP stream.


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