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Backed by enterprise-grade 24/7 support, our Bing Maps API for Enterprise offers the simplest and fastest way to add location information to any business app.

http://api.bing.net/xml.aspx?Appid=<Your App ID HERE!>&query...


The AppID parameter is a value that enables the API to validate that a request is from a registered Bing.

Bing API, Version 2


The Bing Application Programming Interface (API), Version 2, enables developers to programmatically submit queries to and retrieve results from the Bing Engine.

Getting an AppID | Bing


Getting an AppID is a straightforward process. First, go to the Bing Developer Center and sign in with your Windows Live ID. After signing in, you will be presented with a link to create a new AppID.

Bing Search API | Microsoft Azure Marketplace


Bing search API terms of use. Last Updated - 12 June 2015. 1. what does this contract cover?

Microsoft Cognitive Services - Bing Web Search API


Bing Web Search. Still looking for the right API? See the entire collection >. Applications.

Bing API | ProgrammableWeb


Bing API Version 2.0 enables you to embed a flexible and powerful search engine as a custom search component in your sites and applications. The Microsoft Bing API offers open...

python - Bing AppID is invalid - Stack Overflow


import bingtrans bingtrans.set_app_id(YourAppID) # you can get your AppID at: bing.com/developers print bingtrans.translate('hello', 'en', 'ko').

Bing Webmaster Tools API Data Download... - Antezeta Web Marketing


Bing's Webmaster Tools doesn't have an API to facilitate regular downloading of data for further analysis in a spreadsheet or other application.

php - How to obtain Bing search Api and AppID... - Stack Overflow


To use the new Bing Search API, you need to use your account key to authenticate. The AppID was the old method of authenticating soon to be deprecated Bing Search API 2.0.

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