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To see if the changes are indeed the ones you want, you need to change to another icon theme and then back to your desired theme to effect the changes (using something like Ubuntu Tweaks or MyUnity or Gnome Tweak tool).

Ubuntu Themes For Firefox - Ubuntu Tutorials


sudo aptitude install firefox-themes-ubuntu. After the quick installation you’ll need te restart firefox for any changes to take effect. Afterwhich you’ll see be presented with options such as these within your Tools > Addons > Themes menu.

Artwork/Incoming/DustTheme - Ubuntu Wiki | Firefox theme


Dust. Download. Firefox theme. Extras. Old versions.

Change the Appearance of Firefox Without Installing a Theme


If you cannot find a theme for Firefox, Stratiform is a way to customize Firefox to have it feel and look the way you would like it to.

Ubuntu :: Firefox Themes - Where To Get Them


Fedora :: All Firefox Themes Have Identical Control Button Template. Software :: Firefox Crashing When Opening Certain Websites And Window For Changing Themes. Ubuntu :: Chane ONLY Icon Themes, Not Panel Themes?

Themes :: Add-ons for Firefox


Add-ons for Firefox. Themes. Circuitry In Motion 2.

Best Icon Themes For Ubuntu 16.04


I have already written in detail about how to change themes in Ubuntu.

An Official Arc Theme For Firefox Is Now Available - OMG! Ubuntu!


The Arc GTK theme now has an official Firefox theme to match, and is available in three variants all made by the original theme creator.

Your Questions About Firefox Themes Ubuntu | Tweak Firefox


I just got Linux Ubuntu. I noticed that the Firefox is much different from the Windows version. First off, the fonts look a little blurryish, and ugly. Is there a way I can change up the fonts to something more visually attractive? Also, the default theme isn’t very good.

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