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Англ. colour (color) — с начала XIII века, заимств. через ст.-франц. colur. Использованы материалы Online Etymology Dictionary Дугласа Харпера; см.

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Matita Rossetto - Vivid Colour Lipstick Pencil - KIKO MILANO

Stendere Vivid Colour Lipstick Pencil direttamente sulle labbra: partire dal centro e arrivare fino agli angoli della bocca. Ripetere l'applicazione più volte al ...

Colour Если Вы предпочитаете жить ярко, красочно. Ключевые ...

Colour Black&Red. Если Вы предпочитаете жить ярко, красочно. Ключевые слова: микс цветов, крупный формат, модульная укладка, фактурная плитка,  ...

Living Colour — Википедия

Living Colour — американская рок-группа, образованная в 1984 году в Нью- Йорке. Стилем исполнения музыки является смешение фри-джаза, фанка, ...

City and Colour — Бесплатное воспроизведение музыки ...

Смотри видео и слушай бесплатно музыку City and Colour: The Girl, Comin' Home и другое. City and Colour — акустический фолк, кантри-проект ...

Hold Your Colour — Википедия

Hold Your Colour — дебютный альбом австралийского музыкального коллектива Pendulum, выпущенный лейблом Breakbeat Kaos в июле 2005 года.

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Перевод 'colour' в русском словаре бесплатно. Еще переводы на русский: background colour, body-colour, to change colour, colour film, colour filter.

Colour words in many languages

The eleven colour words on this page have been indentified in various studies as the most common across most languages, although the actual colours ...

Colour Impressions Gloss/Silk Coated (SRA3)

Colour Impressions Gloss/Silk Coated (SRA3) ... типографского формата; Образец универсальности - Colour Impressions идеальна для лазерной печати, ...

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color (US) (see the usage notes below). From Middle English color, colour, from Anglo-Norman colur, from Old French colour, color, from Latin color, from Old Latin colos ‎(“covering”), from Proto-Indo-European *ḱel- ‎(“to cover, conceal”).

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Color and colour are different spellings of the same word. Color is the preferred spelling in American English, and colour is preferred in all other main varieties of English.

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8. vividness, authenticity, or individuality: period colour. 9. semblance or pretext (esp in the phrases take on a different colour, under colour of).

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Color (American English) or colour (Commonwealth English) is the visual perceptual property corresponding in humans to the categories called red, blue, yellow, etc. Color derives from the spectrum of light (distribution of light power versus wavelength)...

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any distinctive color or combination or pattern of colors, especially of a badge, ribbon, uniform, or the like, worn or displayed as a symbol of or to identify allegiance to, membership in...

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Colour (note the u, politically correct, U.S.) is a sensation derived from the ability of the eye/I to distinguish various visible electroumagnetic wavelengths. All rights to colour (except 37 Beige Pantones discouvered and owned by Cecil and Barbra Streisand)...

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Colour or color is a property of light as seen by people. The British spelling of the word is colour, the word color is used in American English. The most common colour names are: Black. Gray/Grey. White. Red. Orange. Yellow. Green. Blue. Purple. Brown. Magenta. Cyan. Olive. Maroon. Navy.

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The 28 best tools for choosing a colour scheme | Creative Bloq

The web is absolutely chock-full of colour scheme tools that promise to help you reach colour nirvana. Not all tools are created the same, though...

Developing a Colour Scheme « WordPress Codex

Which colour will cover the entire exterior? What colour do you want the door?

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