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How to get a facebook access token using appid and app secret...


App Access Token - App access tokens are used to make requests to Facebook APIs on behalf of an app rather than a user. This can be used to modify the parameters of your app, create and manage test users, or read your

How to get an extended Facebook User Access Token


1) First, follow the directions in the App access token tutorial to register as a developer and set up a Facebook App – then return to this page and follow the directions below. You’ll need the App ID and App Secret from the app you set up to obtain your User Access Token.

How to get a never expiring Facebook Page Access Token


Wrote down that Facebook APP’s Id and Application Secret.

Маркеры доступа - «Вход через Facebook» - Документация...


Если для входа в приложение используется «Вход через Facebook», приложение получает маркер доступа, который обеспечивает временный безопасный доступ к различным API

Facebook PHP SDK 5.0 Tutorial - Devils Heaven | Extending the Token


Basic Facebook PHP SDK Tutorial with using the RedirectHelper and storing an Extended User Access Token in a session.

Facebook Graph API — getting access tokens | Ben Biddington


Note: unless you specify offline_access, your tokens will expire as soon as the user signs out of facebook. Note: client_secret is not supplied

How to get Facebook Share Count for a URL


3. Get App ID and App Secret on this page: 4. The last step is to make your facebook application public. So, that’s it, in all examples in this post our Access Token will look like this: Application ID|App Secret.

Facebook Access Token


...graph.facebook.com/oauth/access_token?grant_type=client_credentials&client_id=APP_ID&client_secret=APP_SECRET replacing APP_ID with your newly created app ID and APP_SECRET with your new app Secret.

Facebook 60 Day User Access Token Generator | SlickRemix


Way Faster, Thank-you Facebook! Below are the steps to get a 60 Day User Access Token for facebook, or commonly referred to as the 'Long Lived Token'.



{"errcode":40013,"errmsg":"invalid appid, hints: [ req_id: 6MzTRA0892s103 ]"}.

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