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Working Facebook Javascript SDK Example


1) You need a Facebook App ID to use Facebook Javascript SDK

Facebook Javascript API Tutorials And Code Examples


To begin, first register your Facebook application (by clicking the ‘Create New App button’). Now, go to the web page, on which, we need to implement the authentication. import the Facebook

Graph api & javascript base Facebook Connect tutorial | Thinkdiff.net


Sir, i have used your javascript example it is working fine in website and in apps.facebook.com but when I added this in tab as iframe application, I am getting error external javascript call and I am not using any other javascript except which you have in your example.

JavaScript Facebook API – programming Facebook applications


Programming Facebook Apps is a fairly broad topic in general, and also in the case of individual SDK (PHP, Mobile i of course JavaScript).

Facebook Login Example (in Java) | Gardiary's HOT Weblog


Enter your App name then Continue, your App will get App ID and App Secret, this App ID and App Secret will be used somewhere in the code later.

Facebook App Javascript Example


Information source of facebook SDK for iOS, Android, PHP, Javascript, NET, Unity and many more third-party unofficial SDKs built by active developers Facebook App Javascript Example.

javascript - Facebook app JS API with iFrame example?


What's a simple example using the Facebook JS API to display the name of the person logged in? This is in an iFrame, so I can't use the easy FBML stuff.

Веб-платформа - «Вход через Facebook» - Документация...


Кнопка «Вход через Facebook», интегрированная с помощью Facebook SDK для JavaScript , позволяет людям выполнять вход на вашей веб-странице с учетными данными Facebook.

Best practice for Facebook login flow with the JavaScript SDK...


You don't need to use the name of the node in the endpoint. Using the /comment endpoint as an example, the endpoint would just contain the

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Video: facebook app javascript example. Реклама. 240.

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