Fabrika.space: сo-working, event zone, bar and lots of inspiration ...


Fabrika.space: сo-working, event zone, bar and lots of inspiration, Kharkov, ... ( Senior iOS developer в Stanfy, Киев) выступит с докладом на тему "Mobile apps ...

Простой лидерборд на Unity3D с facebook-ом / Хабрахабр


16 дек 2014 ... Первое что мы сделали — подключили Facebook SDK. Его можно ... После этого вы получаете App ID, который вписываете в настройки через инспектор. .... Log("UserScoreParseObject not found. .... +6. Создание бесконечного раннера на JavaScript, механика движения фона 5,2k 54 12. + 24.

HashFlare | Facebook


As many miners would know, actual mining is not possible with a 250% .... At this exact moment, the developers of the DAO and Ethereum are working hard to ...

Начало работы с Facebook SDK для iOS / Хабрахабр


29 мар 2011 ... Сейчас мы рассмотрим Facebook SDK для платформы iOS. ... Your Facebook APP Id must be set before running this example ... NSLog(@"did not login"); } /** .... Создание бесконечного раннера на JavaScript, механика ...

Simple Mobile UI Patterns: Page Swipe with Zepto.js and PhoneGap ...


Jul 17, 2012 ... As I'm working on improving the user experience of some of my recent mobile ... be useful to start documenting some basic UI patterns for mobile apps. The goal is not to provide yet another UI framework, but rather to document the ... to implement a specific UI pattern using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Тонкости Rails 4 — Turbolinks / Хабрахабр


27 янв 2013 ... Да, делается это все добро с помощью JavaScript. В этой ... /app/assets/ javascripts/projects.js.coffee .... Turbolinks is not dajaxproject.

Javascript <-> Flash мост


Эта статья описывает, как вызывать из Javascript методы Flash и наоборот. ... height="200" scale="exactfit" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" ...

Разбираемся с Flux, реактивной архитектурой от facebook ...


30 дек 2014 ... Сегодня мы будем изучать, как устроена архитектура Facebook ... Flux — это архитектура, которую команда Facebook использует при работе с React. .... Создание бесконечного раннера на JavaScript, механика ...

Webix: JavaScript UI Библиотека HTML5 Виджетов Для Веб ...


Webix - JavaScript UI библиотека HTML5 виджетов. Стройте веб-приложения ... Стройте интерфейс, используя всего пару строк кода. My App! Music. Jimi Hendrix ... //Check the demo - it is not an image! Скачать Другие демки.

SharpMinds | Facebook


Just captured the rare moment, when our meeting room is not in use. ... What do you think about building large web apps with JavaScript? ... we want to release quickly, so we're looking for someone who wants to work on a full-time position.

Facebook App: Javascript SDK getLoginStatus not working in canvas


I am trying to build a simple Facebook app using the Javascript SDK and I just want a simple alert if the user is not authorized using getLoginStatus(). It works fine in my website but not in the canvas.

Facebook-Javascript not working in facebook app (Iframe) | Forum


Works fine in all browsers. However when this script runs in a facebook app (Iframe) it doesn't trigger the function postbackhiddenfield in Internet Explorer. It does in all other browsers...

New JavaScript SDK & OAuth 2.0 based FBConnect... | Thinkdiff.net


2. Facebook new JavaScript Usage. So in the figure you are seeing how authentication will work in your site. Now we will implement that. Firstly you’ve to setup a facebook application to get the application id.

Working Facebook Javascript SDK Example


Facebook JavaScript SDK Tutorial - How to Connect to Facebook OAuth using Javscript SDK and how to make API Calls to Graph API.

Working with Facebook SDK for JavaScript - Developer.com


The Facebook SDK for JavaScript provides functionality that can be consumed from the client side script to leverage such an integration.

AS3: Creating Facebook Application | 2. The JavaScript part


Choose + Create New App on the next screen.

Chat Application Using Firebase, Javascript - CodeProject


CHAT4U is real-time web-based chat application built on Firebase using Facebook authentication

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Javascript To Remove All Facebook Apps From Your Account


How Tos, Tutorials, Tips and Tricks. February 11, 2010 by Kulbir Saini | Firefox, Hacks, Internet, Open Source, Spam, Tips - Tricks in Facebook, Facebook Apps, Greasemonkey, Javascript, Postwith, Script.

Facebook Invite Friends API


How to Facebook Invite Friends API. Tutorial focused on Programming, Jquery, Ajax, PHP, Demos, Web Design, Javascript, Software and MySQL.

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