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Windows 10 People app still not working for some users after latest...


The Windows 10 People app updated last night and it’s still not working properly for those affected. When clicking on the “Get social app” button though, users are greeted with a proper error message in the Store app now instead of a blank page, so that’s something I guess.

facebook app not working after latest update


Re: Facebook Contacts sync not working. Unfortunately I can tell you sync does not work in version 49 after the update from version 27.

Swfc Clones not working after latest Update+... | App Invasion


The old way won't work anymore For Android users Step-by-step to clone after SWFC update: 1. Update SWFC 2. Download App Cloner & WhatsClone 3

facebook app not working after latest update - Nefd.com


Video: facebook app not working after latest update.

Messenger Notifications Not Working after iOS 9.3.2 Update?


The Facebook Messenger notification is not working any more, though all of notification settings are turned on in my iPhone. I am not sure whether this is an issue related with the latest iOS update.

Facebook app saying can't connect - Android Forums...


Ever since the update Facebook will not work. I have Force Stop, clear the cache and re-updated it. It will work one time after I do all of that and then stop working by

Notification sound for Facebook not working after update | Forum


Try this: Open the Facebook App. Tap the 3 lines on the top left. Scroll down and tap Account.

Facebook app not working since latest update (3rd Aug 2016) | Forum


@Lawebley + @batch_2001 The problem with the Facebook app is that it always released before it is fully tested for bugs. I use the ios version and I never update it until after it has been released for at least 7 days.

Snapchat not working after update issues | Product Reviews Net


Leave a comment below, letting us know if the install went smooth or if Snapchat is not working as well after the update. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus.

Facebook app not working properly on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1


Hi Guys .. When the facebook app not working properly on samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 look at the steps


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