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iOS 7 Smart Multitasking, Background App Refresh & Automatic...


Among the preinstalled apps, iOS 7 is capable of automatically refreshing Stocks and Weather.

Manually Turn Off Iphone Applications In


In iOS 7 or iOS 8, head to Settings _ General _ Usage _ Battery Usage, and scroll down to see a Usage _ Background App Refresh to manually toggle each app's auto-refresh. Turn off location and background app refresh for Facebook.

Disable Background App Refresh


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How often do Background App Refreshes occur in iOS 7?


This feature is called "Background App Refresh". How often does each app update their content using this method? Is it up to the app to determine the frequency, or does iOS 7 limit them?

How to Save Battery Life by Disabling Background App Refresh...


Background app refresh is a new feature offered by iOS 7 which allows your apps to run in the background.

facebook background app refresh ios 7 - Nefd.com


Video: facebook background app refresh ios 7. Реклама. 240.

4 ways to take charge of iOS's Background App Refresh feature


All of that changed a couple of years ago thanks to “Background App Refresh,” a feature introduced with iOS 7 that let third-party apps go out and

Gmail updated with iOS 7 Background App Refresh, streamlined sign...


Firstly, the app now uses Background App Refresh, a new iOS 7 technology which lets apps ask the operating system to retrieve new content even if they’re not running.

What exactly goes on if Background App Refresh is enabled?


Forums iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch iOS Older iOS Versions iOS 7. What exactly goes on if Background App Refresh is enabled?

1. Background App Refresh | Art Of The IPhone


Below, I rank 10 new iOS 7 features that I think will be most useful to iPhone owners. 1. Background App Refresh.

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