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Even with Background App Refresh Off, Facebook's Killing...


A ton of people are claiming that Facebook’s killing their iPhone’s battery, usually with background activity, even with Background App Refresh turned off. Over on Medium, Matt Galligan points out that the app isn’t sleeping properly, which results in serious drain.

How to manage Background App Refresh on iPhone and iPad | iMore


Background refresh is part of what allows any app for iPhone or iPad to appear to be multitasking all the time.

Save iPhone Battery Life by Disabling Background App Refresh


To check the status of Background App Refresh on your iPhone, navigate to Settings > General.

1. Turn off Facebook background app refresh & location services


Tired of the Facebook app constantly killing your iPhone's battery? Here are six easy ways to eliminate Facebook iPhone battery drain.

WARNING: iPhone 6 & Facebook App Problem | Apple iPhone Forum


The Facebook app will override whatever background app refresh settings you have set on your iPhone. As previously mentioned, the best way to stop the problem is to delete the Facebook app and use the website version instead.

iPhone battery-draining Facebook app supposedly getting a fix | BGR


Several reports over the last few days that were echoed by many tech sites and on social channels revealed that Facebook might employ some shady tactics to perform background activities on iPhone even if a user decides to turn off Background App Refresh.

1. Disable location and background app refresh for Facebook


The Facebook app for iPhone consumes a huge amount of memory and processing power, even when you're not using it. Turning off background app refresh can actually cause your battery percentage to increase. 2. Disable background app refresh for apps you don't care about.

The Background Data and Battery Usage of Facebook’s iOS App


Every time I take a look at a friend's iPhone, Facebook is the app with the highest amount of battery usage in the background – even with Background App Refresh turned off.

facebook background app refresh iphone - Nefd.com


facebook background app refresh ios 7. disable background app refresh for facebook iphone.

Facebook is aware the iOS app is draining battery life and they're...


“With background app refresh and autoplay videos disabled the Facebook iOS app used 7 per cent of battery resource on his iPhone 6s over a 24 hour period.

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