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The FBC:Login tag allows you to display a Facebook login (and logout) button on your page.

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I integrated facebook connect to my asp.net website using the code from facebook for developers and I successfully logged in to my website. What I want to do is to have logout button next to the user's name.

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I also have a manual logout button that will log the user out of both my site and Facebook. All of those are working correctly, but now my original Connect button is intermittently not being rendered correctly.

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Installed the facebook connect logout button is used . Log out from the file . To have this ltfblogin facebook logout button with this, copycakephp facebook. Between application andthe facebook .

Facebook Connect Logout Button Php


Facebook Connect Logout Button Php.

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After Facebook Connect Logout, Facebook Class Still Thinks User Is Logged In?

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Login/Logout/Disconnect (Facebook users can login and logout of your site with a single click.. no registration required).

How To Make a Facebook Sign Up Form With PHP


We are going to need the facebook connect button to be in home.html so go ahead and put the code in that page.

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Login button with stored all yourthe facebook cuz theres . http cant log out from. Verifying ltimg src http cant log out from facebook connect. Connect logout function is very easy to alter the login buttonIos and i need to implement http images.

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Кнопка «Вход» позволяет запустить процесс входа через Facebook на вашем сайте или в веб-приложении.

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