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29 мар 2011 ... Сейчас мы рассмотрим Facebook SDK для платформы iOS. Когда я начинал разбираться с ... Called on a login/logout button click. */

Пользовательские скрипты для facebook.com


Facebook HD Video Downloader - Adds a download link for Facebook videos. Works for HD videos. ..... Facebook Logout Button - logout button on facebook in the navbar ... Connect with https://www.facebook.com/trickortips to stay updated.

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29 ноя 2013 ... Конечно же это не сам Facebook Login, каким его описывают в разделе Facebook JS SDK, и не «Hello World with Angular.js», но все ..... logout: function ( logoutCallback ){ return FB.logout(function( response ){ if (_. ... с хедером, футером и <ng-view>, соответственно скроет login button и loading.

Как отключить интеграцию Facebook с приложениями, играми и ...


Вы можете отключить интеграцию Facebook с приложениями, играми и веб- сайтами в настройках своего аккаунта.

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... up for an account, you can log in by pressing the "Sign In" button at the top of ... may also see additional log in options such as Twitter or Facebook Connect.

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26 июн 2013 ... Кнопка Facebook не требует каких-либо дополнительных действий для её ... <a rel="nofollow" href="http://twitter.com/share" class="twitter-share-button" .... 17. mailru.events.listen(mailru.connect.events.logout, function(){.

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Social Sharing applications include Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, ... Select from a range beautiful designs of social login buttons/icons and social ... from a range of logout URL options for social login [Premium with 30 days Free trial] ...

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8 янв 2012 ... Поэтому Мы будем использовать методы "FB.login" и "FB.logout". Кнопка авторизации ... рис. 1,рис. 2. Привожу полный скрипт авторизации на facebook.com. Код; Чистый код ... 27. button.onclick = function() {. 28. 29.

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21 июл 2016 ... 2) Login in front-end and go to "Submit an article" and click on "Logout" button 3) It's redirect to home page by default. Then test again with ...

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12 авг 2014 ... <div class="fb-login-button" data-max-rows="1" data-size="icon" data-show-faces ="false" data-auto-logout-link="false"></div>.

Facebook Logout Button for My Website (Not Facebook Connect...)


I'm hoping to put a logout button on my "thank you for liking us" URL so they can click that to logout (without going back to facebook) and then it re-directs back to the page with the like button for the next customer. I have tried facebook connect but it's so many steps because users have to allow the app...

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The Solspace Facebook Connect (FBC) add-on allows you to connect your ExpressionEngine website to this thriving community.

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Customise the facebook login and logout button - Stack Overflow Clicking the button logs the user out of Facebook and all connected sessions.

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The Facebook Connect "login/logout button" can be used to enhance features of your site. It enables you to personalize the user's experience by leveraging either the Facebook Open Graph API or any of your own data driven scripting.

CakePHP / Facebook Plugin - Logout Button Linking To #?


After Facebook Connect Logout, Facebook Class Still Thinks User Is Logged In?

WebTechNick: CakePHP Facebook Plugin -- Auth+Facebook...


Login/Logout/Disconnect (Facebook users can login and logout of your site with a single click.. no registration required).

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The things that I want: - Login with FB account in a transparent way - Working as expected - I'm using Login button widget, when login: Is there the posibility to change the button for log out? (if not how to logout in front-end) - Not

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How to integrate Facebook Connect in your website

Facebook connect Log Out problem


Explanation: This replaces the usual logout button with a logout button that is capable of logging out both facebook connect login AND normal login. so we no longer have two logout button to confuse users.

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Put the Log out button where i can see it | Facebook Put the Log out button where i can see it. 3631 likes · 6 ... up for Facebook today.

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