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Use "app access tokens" with the Facebook Javascript SDK?


I will never ever do that! exposing your app access token could end up with a complete clone of your app, you have to use server-side scripting – Adam Azad Feb 12 '14 at 21:26. "Have to"? But then why did Facebook make certain APIs available to the JavaScript SDK at all?

Маркеры доступа - «Вход через Facebook» - Документация...


Facebook SDK для JavaScript автоматически получает и сохраняет маркеры доступа пользователя в файлах «cookie» в браузере.

Login With JavaScript And Get Access Token With PHP


We could have specified one, but the JavaScript SDK will fallback to the access token of the authenticated user.

Facebook API - Access Tokens - Devils Heaven | JavaScript SDK


If you include either the PHP SDK or the JavaScript SDK correctly, each call to the Facebook API will automatically include the App Access Token by default.

Facebook Get App Access Token Javascript


Facebook Javascript Get Application Access Token.

authentication - Facebook oAuth2 for Javascript client application...


When that token is a Facebook token, you can ask Facebook who the user is (or if you don't care, simply ask Facebook to verify the token). Obviously, this verification step is performed by the backend, not by the JavaScript app. Resources in the server should not be stored by access token of course...

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Passing The Facebook Authorization Token To Javascript? Api Facebook V3 - Error "OAuthException: An Active Access

Facebook Javascript Access Token Example


Use "app access tokens" with the Facebook Javascript SDK?

facebook javascript app access token


21 июн 2011 ... "products": "Facebook Application Programming Interface (API). .... После прохождения этих трёх шагов сайт получает "user access token", который ... выдаётся App ID и AppSecret, а также html+JavaScript код с ...

Facebook Dialog OAuth Tutorial


client_secret=APP_SECRET &. code=OAUTH_CODE_GENERATED_BY_FACEBOOK. Below is the PHP function to get the access token

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