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android - How to programmatically log out from Facebook SDK...


Logout feature disable in Facebook android integration. -1. How to programmatically logout from facebook SDK 4.7 without using facebook logout button?

Set Login/Logout Text for Button in Facebook Android SDK 4.0?


Facebook:confirm_logout="false". Facebook:fetch_user_info="true". Android:text="testing 123". Facebook:login_text="LOGIN". Facebook:logout_text="LOGOUT" />. If the above doesnt work, try to add following in your values folder...

customize Android Facebook Login button - Stack Overflow


facebook SDK 3.0 or above its facebook:login_text="" facebook:logout_text="" – Dhawal Sodha Parmar May 8 '14 at 9:54.

android - How to manually implement facebook login and logout...


How to programmatically log out from Facebook SDK 3.0 without using Facebook login/logout button? 1.

android - Facebook Login button: apply custom style - Stack Overflow


Fb:login_text="". Fb:logout_text="". Android:scaleType="centerInside" />. Hope it helps you. EDIT 1: Facebook might change the location of LoginButton class which is present inside its SDK so u might need to change the XML tag accordingly.

Custom Facebook Login Button - Android - Stack Overflow


Step 6: For programmatically logout use this. LoginManager.getInstance().logOut(); Step 7: you can find user logged in or not by profile.

{Best & Simplest} Android Facebook Login Example V4.0


Step 16: Create LogoutActivity and add following things into it for android facebook login example v4.0. After Login successfully, our next Activity will be LogoutActivity. This activity contains logout button.

Facebook Logout: sign out of your profile | Erase your login information


Side info: this or similar extensions won't prevent you from signing out off Facebook, they'll just hide that button. If you cannot logout

Facebook Login for Android without ‘LoginButton’ | Rahul Jiresal


Facebook Login for Android without using the LoginButton that comes with the API.


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