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Hi In my application I check if the user is is logged in or not and give the button text text accordingly.

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Facebook:login_text="LOGIN". Facebook:logout_text="LOGOUT" />. If the above doesnt work, try to add following in your values folder...

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fb:logout_text="" />. And in code I defined the background resource : final LoginButton button = (LoginButton) findViewById(R.id.login_button); button.setBackgroundResource(R.drawable.facebook)

Facebook LoginButton for Android does not take login_text...


Facebook Sdk for Android does not take login_text and logout_text values passed from XML. It just ignores it. There is no documentation/example available on earth which uses this customization of the button.

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Set fb:logout_text="" it will solve your problem. <com.facebook.login.widget.LoginButton.

Customise the facebook login and logout button - Stack Overflow


facebook login button logout text.

Facebook Connect 4.x : Login : Legacy Software... - Solspace


The FBC:Login tag allows you to display a Facebook login (and logout) button on your page.

facebook login button logout text


Сейчас мы рассмотрим Facebook SDK для платформы iOS. Когда я ... Called on a login/logout button click. */ .... text=@"You like Steve"

Logout button to text | SCLogin Enhanced Login | SourceCoast


Logout button to text Hi thanks for this extension, I have installed SCLogin v3.1.2 some days ago and I&#039;m really happy with it.

Facebook Login Logout Button


Facebook-login-button-logout-text cachedso i added the users free login page templates, An app on hi Again and logout by keyword facebook to enhance features social change login screen windows 7 background, Gthttps webtechnick...


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