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android - How to programmatically log out from Facebook SDK...


How to programmatically logout from facebook SDK 4.7 without using facebook logout button? 2.

Facebook login-button no longer appears after login then logout


Psychic debugging: FB.logout() makes an AJAX request, that method returns immediately when the request is made, so your browser navigates to your url /security_logout and drops the AJAX connection before the Facebook server has a chance to process it.

logout button in FaceBook SDK - Stack Overflow


I have this fb-login button on my website and it works pretty okay. How can I implement an logout button? Below is my code for the login part.

Facebook Connect 4.x : Login : Legacy Software... - Solspace


The FBC:Login tag allows you to display a Facebook login (and logout) button on your page. It shows the appropriate button depending on the current user's FB login state. Additionally, you can set return pages for every scenario possible when logging in/out.

Facebook Login Logout Button


Facebook login logout button. User clicks on the together, alsoi would like . , the be displayedthis replaces the fbclogin tag put a link . Works fine, however,you would one doi have this .

Facebook Logout Button In MVC


Facebook Logout Button or Link. If you have not tried our application running on MVC4 (Developed with VS11), try Facebook login here Universal Shopping Mall.

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Facebook Logout Button-Where To Find It And What...Your Facebook...

How to build Facebook login using CakePHP Facebook Login Plugin


Nothing special about this file, except we are calling Facebook helper at the beginning and end of it. This basically will include needed Javascript from Facebook and invoke some specific Javacript calls to make the Facebook login and logout button work.

Facebook Logout: sign out of your profile | Erase your login information


How to manually logout off your Facebook account, remotely sign out web browsers or Facebook apps on mobile devices, and erase your login data.

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