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PHP SDK & Graph API base Facebook Connect Tutorial | Thinkdiff.net


So user will see php generated login and logout button. In the facebook.php sdk the getLoginUrl() function is defined as. / * The parameters: * - next: the url to go to after a successful login * - cancel_url: the url to go to after the user cancels * - req_perms...

PHP SDK 3.0 & Graph API base Facebook Connect Tutorial


Probably facebook bug, because logout link is generated using PHP SDK 3.0. Abubaker.

Facebook Logout Button Php Sdk


Facebook Logout Button Php Sdk.

facebook logout button php sdk - Nefd.com


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Facebook PHP SDK – can’t logout (PHP SDK v3.1.1) | Free Online...


I am using the official Facebook PHP SDK for my website. My application lets the users log in and out. Problem is, you can’t really logout although i use the example of facebook. When i click “Logout” on my site the user information is still visible and the logout button is still displayed.

javascript - Remove Facebook Login Button SDK after a logout


Facebook SDK Logout Function Issue. 1. Facebook API - login with JSSDK use php sdk in back end. 0. Facebook login button onlogin=“function” gives ReferenceError. 1.

CakePHP / Facebook Plugin - Logout Button Linking To #?


The problem is, my LOGOUT button just links to whatever page you're on plus a # So - if I'm on index.php, the logout button links to

Logout button in facebook sdk - stack overflow


How to log out the current facebook user (javascript sdk). 0 votes 1. My user hits my 'log out' button and instead of i use what exactly?

facebook logout button php sdk


logout button in FaceBook SDK. I have this fb-login button on my website and it works pretty okay.


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