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How to Clear Your Facebook Search History: 11 Steps


wikiHow to Clear Your Facebook Search History. Two Methods:Website Mobile App Community Q&A. Facebook keeps a record of everything that you enter into the Facebook Search bar as a way to improve your search suggestions and recommended pages.

How to Clear Facebook Search History From an Android Mobile...


Since Facebook search history is separate from the search history that browsers store, it cannot be cleared just by deleting the cookies from your mobile phone.

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Links to our applications' Facebook communities for iPad, iPhone or iPod ... How to close an app on Windows Phone? ...

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facebook mobile app clear search history. facebook mobile app delete search history.

Представляем историю ваших действий | Google - My Activity


Данные о ваших действиях в Google (например, поисковые запросы, посещенные веб-сайты, просмотренные видео) помогают нам сделать сервисы удобнее для вас. Войдите в аккаунт, чтобы управлять сохраненными сведениями.

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Point 8. Related Topic About Clear Facebook Search History.

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Facebook is fun but it is sometimes keeping record of things we do not even want. For example, you have been searching for some person on Facebook or stalking into someone’s account and you do not want anyone else to find that out later. In cases like that, you need to clear Facebook history.

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How to Clear/Delete Facebook Search History on PC & Mobile App?


Find out how to delete search history on Facebook website and mobile app. You can easily clear facebook search bar history by clicking on the search bar...

How to clear facebook search history on mobile app


how to clear recent search history on facebook app.

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