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facebook_app_id and facebook_secret must be set...


Create FaceBook App and Facebook Application Id ( AppId )...

Setting Environment Variables in Rails 3 (Devise...) - Stack Overflow


Or (rather hacky), you could set them in your config/environments/development.rb: ENV['FACEBOOK_APP_ID'] = "12345"; ENV['FACEBOOK_SECRET'] = "abcdef"; An alternative way. However I would do neither.

How To Get An App ID and Secret Key From Facebook | Gold Plugins


The Goal: Create A Simple Facebook App to Receive an App ID and Secret Key.

2) Setting Facebook app environment variables | Heroku Dev Center


This demo app, like most Heroku apps, uses config vars to store external, configuration information about the app. These config vars will be made available to the app at run time as ordinary environment variables. This app template uses two - the Facebook App ID and App Secret...

Create a Facebook App ID + App Secret – AppMachine Help Center


Step 7: Once the Facebook app has successfully been created, you still need to set the app live before the necessary key (App ID and App Secret) can be used by your AppMachine app.

How to set environment variables in Windows 7 for Java


The considered scenario is to set environment variables to enable the compilation and execution of Java applications from the command line (command prompt) or by using an IDE like Eclipse.

Linux: Set Environment Variable


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How to permanently set environmental variables - Unix & Linux Stack...


Same goes for a file under /etc/profile.d, there also may be naming restrictions which must be met for the file to work.

Use PowerShell to Persist Environment Variables - Trevor Sullivan


Once that process dies, the environment variables disappear, and must be set again. So the question becomes: how do I persist environment variables in the user profile or for the entire system? In fact, the answer isn’t too far off from the last example above!

Facebook_app_id And Facebook_secret Must Be Set...


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