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Setting Environment Variables in Rails 3 (Devise + Omniauth)


Or (rather hacky), you could set them in your config/environments/development.rb: ENV['FACEBOOK_APP_ID'] = "12345"; ENV['FACEBOOK_SECRET'] = "abcdef"; An alternative way. However I would do neither.

How do i install p4fb manually? – Группы Google


Please google for "set environment variables on windows".

Example code for storing environment-specific configuration variables...


production: facebook_app_id: my_prod_fb_app_id facebook_secret: my_prod_secret.

4.4. Environment Variables — Makahiki 2 documentation


To set the environment variables in a local installation, use OS specific commands.

Setting up a development environment · meitar/pat-facebook Wiki...


Copy the new app's "App ID/API Key" and "App Secret" values to the FACEBOOK_APP_ID and FACEBOOK_SECRET environment variables, respectively, accessible to your Web server. For instance, if you're using Apache

Create FaceBook App and Facebook Application Id ( AppId )...


Now the FaceBook App is ready to use. You can note down the App Id and App Secret as these will be required by your application.

How To Get An App ID and Secret Key From Facebook | Gold Plugins


IK Facebook and WP Social Pro Users: Paste these values into the plugins’ settings panel in WordPress, and click the Update button to complete your installation. Copy and paste the App ID and Secret Key you just received into the settings panel, and save your changes.

How to find Facebook app id and secret key - YouTube


Get Facebook App Id and secret in 2015 - Duration: 3:07. basic gyan 5,307 views.

Create a Facebook App ID + App Secret – AppMachine Help Center


Step 9: Once the Facebook app has successfully been created, you still need to set the app live before the necessary key (App ID and App Secret) can be used by your AppMachine app.

How to permanently set environmental variables - Unix & Linux Stack...


On Debian, the file must have the extension .sh (although does not need a bang line or executable permissions since it is sourced). check your distro documentation or look at the /etc/profile script to see how these files are loaded.

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