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Russian settlers in Kazakhstan also had an effect on Kazakhstani architecture.

Kazakh Adoptive Families: Names found in Kazakhstan


dream; usually given to long-expected first born male in the family. Arsen. Greek: manly, brave.

Kazakh Adoptive Families: Kazakh words and phrases


Travel to and in Kazakhstan.

Kazakh family


Thus, Kazakhstan has instinctively built a society upon the sense of family, the nuclear family

Gender Equality in Kazakhstan | Social Institutions and Gender Index...


According to research by UNFPA, police are usually reluctant to intervene, treating it as a matter to be resolved by the two families concerned.[47]. Abortion is available on demand in Kazakhstan.[48].

The importance of family in Kazakhstan | Expat Arrivals


Business culture in Kazakhstan. Kazakhstanis want to be perceived to be helpful and always avoid letting people down.

Families, women and children in kazakhstan


Families in kazakhstan. A typical Kazakh household is made up of a married couple, their unmarried children and elderly parents.

Poles in Kazakhstan - Wikipedia


Poles in Kazakhstan form one portion of the Polish diaspora in the former Soviet Union. Slightly less than half of Kazakhstan's Poles live in the Karaganda region, with another 2,500 in Astana, 1,200 in Almaty, and the rest scattered throughout rural regions.

Becoming Kazakh in Kazakhstan: Cultural Immersion in a Host Family


Kazakh families are typically large—the mother and father in my host family each have seven

Kazakhstan Embassy in USA


Friends of Kazakhstan gathered in Washington, D.C. on December 6 to celebrate the occasion with good food and good cheer....

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