FT DeepDark :: Дополнения Firefox


11 авг 2016 ... Smooth dark theme for Firefox ... Windows 7 (with Aero Style enabled), but it can also be installed on other Windows versions and Linux (just be ...

Firefox (Русский) - ArchWiki


25 июл 2016 ... 4.2.1 Удобный поиск по AUR/Wiki/Форуму Arch Linux с помощью ... input fields with dark GTK+ themes; 6.9 "Do you want Firefox to save your ...

GNOME 3 :: Дополнения Firefox


12 мар 2016 ... GNOME 3 theme for Firefox — Previously known as "Adwaita" ... Install the ( optional) GNOME Theme Tweak extension for further customization ...

Toolbox - Инструменты разработчика Firefox | MDN


19 авг 2016 ... Ещё можно нажать Ctrl + Shift + I на Windows и Linux, или Cmd + Opt + I на ... This enables you to switch between a light and a dark theme: ...

Самые популярные полные темы :: Дополнения Firefox


Blue Fox Theme. Перейти к загрузке → ... Metal Lion Australis Theme · Только в Firefox — Загрузить Firefox ... Firefox 2, the theme, reloaded. Только в Firefox ...

Vk themes and skins - userstyles.org


Vanilla Dark 2. Темный стиль для нового (2016) ... Добавлена тёмная тема Dark Material. Ссылка на группу ... NewVK Dark Theme. All information, if you ...

Arc Dark Theme :: Дополнения Firefox


1 авг 2016 ... Arc Dark Theme 48.20160802 Requires Restart ... Used on linux with kde, changing firefox window color scheme to Breeze Dark.

Mozilla выпустила первый браузер для разработчиков / Хабрахабр


5 ноя 2014 ... Скачать Firefox Developer Edition можно с серверов Mozilla: — Windows (en) — OS X (en) — Linux (en), Linux x86_64 (en) ..... Да, можно (Tools — Web Developer — Toggle Tools — Toolbox Options — Dark Theme).

Белым по чёрному. Разгружаем глаза / Geektimes


26 окт 2015 ... В поиске по ключевым словам “dark theme” или “black theme” найдете множество сайтов с темами. ... Linux, MacOS, Windows 8, Windows XP Как работать со ..... Для Firefox использую iReader вместо Clearly. Но там ...

Gtk2 (Форум)


7 июл 2016 ... Так же любая gtk тема не принимается firefox'ом или хромом. ... Скажем, с Adwaita eye-of-gnome выглядит темным, так как используется Adwaita: ... . deviantart.com/art/Edge-Light-GTK-theme-578510576 Edge Dark: ...

Linux Firefox Dark Theme Fix - userstyles.org


This should fix firefox input fields on linux desktops with dark themes on their desktop environment.

Fixing Dark GTK Themes In Firefox


I've been using Linux for some time now, and I've always been partial to dark themes. They're easy on the eyes, especially when you spend most of your day working on a computer. The trouble is, Firefox doesn't play very nicely with these themes.

519763 – dark linux gtk theme makes pages look bad; "use system..."


The webpage should look the same as when rendered by starting firefox with: GTK2_RC_FILES="" firefox [in linux at least].

Most Popular Complete Themes :: Add-ons for Firefox


Smooth dark theme for Firefox > Beta version available on the FT DeepDark's "version history" page.

DeLorean-Dark Firefox-Theme 1.60 by killhellokitty on DeviantArt


DeLorean-Dark-Theme for Firefox 15+ *For 3.6 go here:Link Works in Windows7(will work with other versions) as well as Linux To install in Windows the path is...

How to re-enable the Dark Developer Theme in Firefox 40 and newer


Find out how to re-enable the dark theme of Firefox's Developer edition in other browser editions.

Firefox - ArchWiki


Unreadable input fields with dark GTK+ themes. This article or section is a candidate for merging with Firefox tweaks#Appearance.

SOLVED: Theme for Mint 17 Cinnamon that darkens Nemo, Firefox


Got Linux Mint 17 Cinnamon. What are the best dark themes out there? I don't want anything fancy.

How to fix firefox's look with a dark theme? - Stack Overflow


When you set a dark theme in your system firefox changes it's look to that theme's color. How can I fix that?

Arc GTK Theme Now Has a Cinnamon / Chrome... - LME Linux


Arc GTK theme requires GTK 3.14 so it runs well on elementary OS and Ubuntu 15.04 (or later), but it won’t work on Ubuntu 14.04 or Linux Mint 17.x unfortunately.

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