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Ubuntu Satanic Edition - Dark Gnome Theme Tips | Firefox 2


Obviously we love dark themes here at Ubuntu Satanic Edition, but they do bring with them certain issues, mainly due to applications which are not based wholly on GTK widgets. This includes important apps such as Firefox and Open Office.

How to disable dark theme on webpages in Firefox? - Ask Ubuntu


Changing userContent.css solves problem ; more information is here also dolerean theme comes with the firefox tweak more information is here; just installing it is enough.

Fix dark theme's and Firefox | Allan Feid


Today I decided I'd look into fixing problems with dark themes and Firefox. Basically, if you're using a dark theme with Ubuntu 8.04 and Firefox 3 a lot of websites will show up with black or dark input boxes and black font inside those.

GitHub - Arc-Dark for Ubuntu Software Center


Arc Firefox theme.

How to fix firefox's look with a dark theme? - Stack Overflow


6. When you set a dark theme in your system firefox changes it's look to that theme's color. How can I fix that?

[gnome] dark theme and firefox | Forum


Ubuntu IRC Support. AskUbuntu. Official Documentation.

Arc Theme (Light & Dark Versions) and Arc Icons Looks Great...


There is also arc theme available for Firefox.

An Official Arc Theme For Firefox Is Now Available - OMG! Ubuntu!


Unlike regular Firefox theme Arc isn’t available from the Mozilla add-ons repository. Don’t panic: themes for Arc, Arc Dark and Arc Darker are available from Github in easy-to-install .xpi format.

Install Arc Firefox Theme On Ubuntu - Mozilla Firefox Black Theme


Arc Dark Firefox. The Arc Firefox Theme can easily be downloaded and installed on Linux Ubuntu Systems. This theme is compatible with Firefox 40+ and Firefox 38 ESR.

RAVEfinity: Dark Theme Fixes


For users of Dark Themes Like Ambiance Blackout Colors These tweaks fix issues with the software center and Firefox with this theme and other dark themes.

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