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Перевод 'flat' в русском словаре бесплатно. Еще переводы на русский: basement flat, to fall flat, flat addressing, flat-boat, flat-bottom.

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Плоский дизайн (англ. Flat Design) — дизайн интерфейсов программ и операционных систем, представленный, как противоположность скевоморфизму ...

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FLAT RIOT! 4th.wave // 27.MAY. FLAT RIOT! 4th.wave // 27.MAY. May 27, 2016 at 11:00 pm. 8.05 / FLAT RIOT! 3rd. wave ... FLAT RIOT! pinned post.

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Flat modern theme for Google Chrome. ... iOS 7 Flat Retina Theme. (155) · Реклама. Доб. Тема. Pencil Sketch. (742) · Реклама. Доб. Тема. Black Black Chrome ...

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Flats for friends has 51162 members. Help your friends from all over the world to find flats/flatmates/renters. Share their posts about renting/looking...

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Сегодня вечером мы снова встречаем у себя в гостях музыкальный проект " FLAT 5" c lounge-программой! Предлагаем начать уикэнд немного раньше ...

Great Flat » Международный журнал о вейкбординге в новом ...


GREAT FLAT. 1 week ago. GREAT FLAT. GF team checked out international jib contest in Kingwinch wake park. It was "as cold as f**k", a bi... See MoreSee ...

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Двери Flat'а открыты для вас понедельник - четверг с 17-00 до 22-00 и пятницу , субботу и на мероприятия работаем с 18-00 до 2-00, воскресенье ...

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2 дн. назад ... Scythe Kaze Master Flat II и Gelid Speedtouch 6 принадлежат совсем к другой категории. Это продвинутые корпусные панели с высокой ...

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flat commonly refers to: Flatness, which describes an object or condition that is very smooth or level. Flat or flats may also refer to: Flat, Alaska, United States. Flat, Kentucky. Flat, Missouri, United States. Flat, Puy-de-Dôme, a commune in région Auvergne, France. Flat, Texas, United States.

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3. Free of qualification; absolute: a flat refusal. 4. Fixed; unvarying: a flat rate.

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: having a wide, smooth surface and little thickness. of a shoe heel : very low and wide; also of a shoe : having a flat heel or no heel.

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From Middle English flat, from Old Norse flatr (Norwegian and Swedish flat, Danish flad), from Proto-Germanic *flataz, from Proto-Indo-European *pleth₂- ‎(“flat”); akin to Saterland Frisian flot ‎(“smooth”), German Flöz ‎(“a geological layer”), Ancient Greek πλατύς ‎(platús), Latvian plats, Sanskrit प्रथस्...

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The Flat v8 is finally live! we drastically improved our music sheet editor. Inlines comments, Live Midi, Multi voices and much better engraving are now available!

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Synonyms for flat at Thesaurus.com with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Dictionary and Word of the Day.

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The definition of flat is something with a smooth level surface, something touching with as many points as possible, something that doesn't vary, or something that is dull in taste or appearance.

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You should not expect to be using flat design in every project. Like all design trends, flat website layouts should be used exclusively when the details fit together.

Flat Earth - RationalWiki


Flat Earth (also known as the Flat Earth myth, flat-earthism, and less commonly platygeism) is the belief that the Earth — which the vast, vast majority of the population imagine in their heads as this big spherical thing (or oblate spheroidal thing, pedants) is actually flat. (Or, at least, cyclindrical.)

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