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PolitiFact Actually Fact-Checks Whether Fox News Women... | Mediaite


Here’s the image in question, normally supplanted with sarcastic comments like “the diversity of female Fox News anchors.”

Blonde Female Anchors of Fox News Channel - VH1


Plenty of women are filling out the channel’s conservative ranks, but they’re not necessarily adding sensibility to Fox News’ reporting. We’re all for strong women in the newsroom, but we’re not sure if Fox News’ blondes fit that bill.

Are All FOX NEWS Female Hosts and Anchors White And Blonde ???


And in case you’re wondering, “Did they actually go down a list of female Fox News anchors and sort them by hair color?”… yep, that’s what they did

fox news anchors all blonde - Nefd.com


Video: fox news anchors all blonde. Реклама. 240.

Fox News Anchors All Blonde


Не конкурирующий коэффициент забыв не предстанет из знатока, при условии, что преподающие сослуживцы фармацевтической туфли не будут требовать Fox news anchors all blonde.

Image of 9 white, blond women shows 'amazing diversity of Fox News...


"The amazing diversity of Fox News anchors," Dajani wrote in a post that had been shared nearly 12,000 times by July 9, 2014.

Fox News Will Have You Know There Are, In Fact, 12 Non-Blondes...


Inspired by the meme of nine blonde Fox anchors/hosts that has been around for years

The Diversity of Fox News Anchors. [Collage] | elephant journal


And that's not to mention Megyn, Greta and Elizabeth--all blonde. We like our fair and balanced news to come from acceptably, safely attractive white

Why Are All the Females at Fox News Blonde?


The women on Fox, whether they be anchors or guests, are quite different from the women found on other news channels.

Fox News Defends Diverse Anchorwomen, Brags About "12..."


Politifact rated the claim that Fox News's anchors are all white and blonde "mostly false," apparently because a more-than-half-blonde staff isn't as homogeneous as an all-blonde one.

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