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The Left's war on Fox women | Fox News


His article was headlined, “The Right, Hot, and Bothered Blondes of Fox News: One man’s guilty obsession with Megyn Kelly and the blondes of Fox News.” He explained his liberal brethren needed to appreciate that, “Most blonde anchors on Fox are dyed blondes...

Top 10 Hottest Female Anchors of Fox News | CrazyPundit.com


Currently, this smoking hot babe is an anchor of FOX News Channel’s (FNC) The Kelly File (weekdays 9-10PM/ET) in New York.

Fox News Anchors Blonde HomeImprovement


#fox news hot blonde anchor.

Top 40 Hottest News Anchors | 600 WREC


#17 - E.D. Hill, former Fox News Channel anchor. #16 - Jane Skinner, Fox News. #15 - Trish Reagan, CNBC.

Hot blonde news anchor Renée Kohn gives new meaning...


20 Comments on "Hot blonde news anchor gives new meaning to the phrase “turkey gobbler”".

The Right, Hot, and Bothered Blondes of Fox News - Men's Journal


A few liberals I know tune into Fox News from time to time to get themselves all worked up.

Top 10 Hottest Women News Anchors around the world


Hottest Women News Anchors. Network: Fox News, Fox Report Weekend Twitter: @JulieBanderas.

Australian news anchor berates colleague over top... | FOX2now.com


Watch Now: FOX 2 News FOX 2 TV Schedule.

Blonde Female Anchors of Fox News Channel - VH1


Plenty of women are filling out the channel’s conservative ranks, but they’re not necessarily adding sensibility to Fox News’ reporting. We’re all for strong women in the newsroom, but we’re not sure if Fox News’ blondes fit that bill.

Megyn Kelly: Hottest Photos Of The New NBC Host


The blonde FOX News anchor is best known for her badass political attitude on FOX’s The Kelly File.

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