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Frivolous lawsuits and attorney sanctions


This month, California State Attorney General Bill Lockyer sued a Long Beach attorney and his law firm for filing what Lockyer referred to as "sham lawsuits" brought to

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A frivolous lawsuit is one not grounded in fact and not supported by either a basis in current law or a sincere argument for a novel legal theory.

Frivolous Lawsuit Sanctions


Frivolous Lawsuit Sanctions | New Maryland Opinion. by Ronald V. Miller, Jr. The Court of Appeals has issued an opinion regarding sanctions for bad faith claims that has a lot of lawyers on both sides of the “v” talking.

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FEDERAL LAWSUITS: Apart from statutes which specifically authorize an award of attorney’s fees to a prevailing defendant, there are three potential sources of sanctions under federal law for a frivolous lawsuit.

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Appellants requested sanctions pursuant to Rule 13 of the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure and section 10.001 of the Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code.

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A. The Frivolous Lawsuits.

Frivolous Claims Law & Legal Definition


A judge may award sanctions for a frivolous lawsuit, motion or appeal. Such sanctions may include awarding the opponent costs, attorney fees, and in at least one case, the offending attorney was ordered to attend law school courses.

Law Firm Fined for Frivolous SLAPP Suit


Los Angeles federal judge on Monday ordered a large law firm and two of its attorneys to pay $267,000 in sanctions for filing a “frivolous lawsuit” against a

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The full range of sanctions in Rule 38 hereafter shall be summoned in response to a totally frivolous appeal."

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