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My definition is on fleek. ... Can you define these popular missing words? ... A silly word used by frivolous teens to mean any number of things, including phrases ...

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Can you define these popular missing words? ... with Hollywood that is out of touch with reality, focusing on dreams, fantasies or frivolous endeavors.

frivolity - English to Bengali Meaning or Translation of frivolity


English to English meaning of 'frivolity'. 1. acting like a clown or buffoon. 2. something of little value or significance. 3. the trait of being frivolous; not serious or sensible.

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frivolousfrivolous | meaning of frivolous in Collins Dictionariesfrivolous meaning, definition, what is frivolous: not serious or sensible in content, attitude, or behaviour; silly: Learn more.not

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12 Most Ridiculous Lawsuits (frivolous lawsuits) - ODDEE


1. Family sued Oliver Stone and Warner Brothers for crime inspired on their movie. In 1996, the family of Patsy Ann Byers sued Oliver Stone, Warner Brothers, and others involved in the making and distribution of the movie "Natural Born Killers" for an unspecified amount.

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A word a day. find meaning and usage of words.

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frivolous meaning, definition, what is frivolous: behaving in a silly way and not taking anything seriously: . Learn more.



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What is the meaning of the word frivolous?

Frivolous or vexatious - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


In the law of several jurisdictions, such as Ireland and New Zealand, frivolous or vexatious, when used to describe an action such as a complaint or a legal proceeding, is a term used to deny (or attempt to deny) its being heard, or to dismiss or strike out any ensuing judicial or non-judicial processes.

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What does frivolous mean? It means somebody that is totally unconcerned are certainly lacks the seriousness of any purpose in his or her life. Noun: -frivolousness. Adjective: -unfrivolous. Sentence Examples

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