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The Myth Of The Frivolous Lawsuit | Tort Deform


One of the catch phrases of tort reformers is “frivolous lawsuits” – a lawsuit that has no legal basis, or is so petty that the suit isn’t justified.

BalancedPolitics.org - Editorial: A New Frivolous Lawsuit Statute


It leads to poor patient care (in the case of medical liability). Medicine is an inexact science, and even the best doctors can make mistakes or come across situations they've never seen.

Frivolous Lawsuits Arising from Medical Malpractice


What makes a medical malpractice lawsuit frivolous"? Isn't a patient entitled to receive compensation for damages caused by their healthcare provider? In some cases, this answer is "yes".

A good example of a frivolous lawsuit


The case he had against me was nonexistent; a more frivolous lawsuit was inconceivable. Scared, he backed down. He "let me go."

What is a Frivolous Lawsuit? (with pictures)


@SurfNTurf -I agree and the problem with frivolous medical malpractice lawsuits is that even if the doctor is found not guilty of the negligence the fact that he was

Frivolous Lawsuits - Questionable Frivolous Lawsuit Cases


Medical Malpractice - Birth Injuries - Brain Injuries - Dental Malpractice - Gastric Bypass Litigation - Medication Errors - Psychiatric Malpractice.

Frivolous lawsuits and attorney sanctions


In dismissing the original product case, Judge Peeples called the firm's conduct "an egregious example of the worst kind of abuse of the judicial system."

Frivolous Medical Malpractice Suits Are Myth Says Lawyer


“I get riled up when I hear that same old propaganda that doctors are being harmed by frivolous lawsuits. Nothing could be further from the truth,” says Van Wey. “Why would any lawyer in their right mind file a silly medical malpractice suit,” quips Van Wey. “Most medical malpractice cases take on...

How Do I File a Medical Malpractice Claim? - AllLaw.com


Comply with any Pre-Suit Requirements. As mentioned above, many states have formalized notice requirements for medical malpractice cases.

Frivolous Lawsuit Sanctions


Frivolous Lawsuit Sanctions | New Maryland Opinion. by Ronald V. Miller, Jr.


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