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Paraphrase the following sentences using the Possessive Case. 1. The office of our manager is very big. 2. They will consider the proposals of Mr. Black at their ...

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Give Russian equivalents for the following ethnic groups: · Exercise 4 ... C). Translate the following sentences with the misleading words: · Exercise 13

I give you, him, her, us, them a book | WordReference Forums


I cannot see any conjugation. Maybe the following sentences could be more useful: I give you a book. You give me a book. S/he gives us a ...

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11 ч. назад ... 1) Make the following sentences passive not mentioning the doer; emphasise the person: 1. The government gives the students stipends. 2.

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1.1.2 Give the initial forms of the following words and state what parts of ..... 2.1.2 Complete the following sentences using the words and expressions from.

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Turn the following sentences into indirect speech ... Find the word which should not be in the sentence ... Give synonyms for the following words from the texts.

Modal verbs


20) Where is the nurse? (to give injections to the patients) ... Rewrite the following sentences using a modal verb to express strong supposition. 37) Evidently, the ...



Task 2.Put punctuation marks as needed in the following sentences. ... GIVE 3 SYNONYMS TO EACH FOLLOWING WORD (1 point for each):. 1) threat (3); 2) to  ...

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3.1.11 Translate the sentences below using the given word-combinations Give ... the following dialogues in parts Dialogue I A: When do I have to give my paper, ...

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... курс доллара in the following sentences: 1) я хочу узнать валютный курс. ..... give me driveway, but then the following sentences don't really make sense.

6. Give the following sentences in Passive Voice.


•2. Complete the sentences in a choosing the most suitable phrase from b. •3. Make sentences from the words in brackets.

Present Simple - negative sentences


Put the following sentences in the negative. Write your answers in the box below and click "Check answer". If you need help, click "Give me a letter".

At / In with the following sentences?


If I'm not a native, I have no discern for what's right and what's wrong in a sentence. One thing you can do (as well as ask here, of course) is use Google. Remember to search for a quoted phrase. For example, Google gives the following hit counts

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Sentences are given in direct speech.

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Give the following sentences in indirect speech, make the necessary changes: 1. my father says: "why do not you read english newspaper?"

Active sentences with two objects in Passive


Two objects in an active sentences – two possible passive sentences.

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All sentences after it have to give more information about the sentence, prove it by offering facts about it, or describe it. For example, if the topic sentence concerns the types of endangered species that live in the ocean, then every sentence after that needs

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Is the following sentence correct?

Give Russian equivalents for the following sentences - В помощь...


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The Place of Adverbs in a Sentence.


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