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19 сен 2014 ... Put the following sentences into the correct tense: Simple Past, Simple ... He can't come at noon tomorrow because he ______ (give) a lesson ...

Садыкова А.Г., Шангараева Л.Ф., Самаркина Н.О. To


Give synonyms for the following words from the chapter: ..... Pick out all the phraseological units from the following sentences and give their Russian equivalents.

I give you, him, her, us, them a book | WordReference Forums


29 ноя 2007 ... I cannot see any conjugation. Maybe the following sentences could be more useful: I give you a book. You give me a book. S/he gives us a ...



9. Give the varieties of ambiguity. .... Find stylistic mistakes in the sentences and correct them: 1. The Cabinet .... Give a literary translation of the following extract:.

Тесты (грамматика)


Rewrite the following sentences so that each sentence contains the modal verb ... (to give injections to the patients). 5. ... Make the following sentences negative.



Task 2.Put punctuation marks as needed in the following sentences. ... GIVE 3 SYNONYMS TO EACH FOLLOWING WORD (1 point for each): 1) threat (3); 2) to  ...

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Translate the following sentences paying attention to the underlined words. .... Give the English equivalents for the following Russian word combinations.

Вопросы к зачету (Устная практика)


Turn the following sentences into indirect speech ... Find the word which should not be in the sentence ... Give synonyms for the following words from the texts.

Упражнения по теме "Инфинитив и герундий" (с ответами)


Make infinitives (add “to”) or gerunds (add “-ing”) of the verbs in brackets to make the following sentences grammatically correct. 1. When I'm tired, I enjoy ...

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Translate the following sentences: .... about our environment, but they normally work in harmony to give us a complex multi-dimensional impression of the world.

7. Complete the following sentences


•5. Complete the sentences with the words of the active vocabulary in an appropriate form. •6. Fill the blanks with the derivatives of the words in brackets.

Present Simple - negative sentences


Put the following sentences in the negative. Write your answers in the box below and click "Check answer". If you need help, click "Give me a letter".

At / In with the following sentences?


If I'm not a native, I have no discern for what's right and what's wrong in a sentence. One thing you can do (as well as ask here, of course) is use Google. Remember to search for a quoted phrase. For example, Google gives the following hit counts

9. Rewrite the following sentences?


Mister Micawber: We would like you to attempt your own work first, so please give us the answers that you think are correct, and then we will check them for you.

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The examples given so far contain what is usually called a direct object; that is, there is only one object in the clause and this is the main focus. But how do we analyse the Objects in the following sentences?

Types of Sentences in English


to make statements (declarative sentences)

"out of a sense" vs "in a sense of" | Forum


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Is the following sentence correct?

Types of sentences - НАУЧНАЯ БИБЛИОТЕКА


Take, for example, the following two sentences: (1) But why did you leave England? (GALSWORTHY).

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So it is possible to make two passive sentences: • The police were given the information. or The information was given to the police.

The Grammatical Analysis of Sentences


...by G, sometimes written “L(G)”. The aim of the grammar writer is to make this set of sentences as close as possible to the given natural language, That is, L

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