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Hello is a salutation or greeting in the English language. It is first attested in writing from 1833. Hello, with that spelling, was used in publications as early as 1833. These include an 1833 American book called The Sketches and Eccentricities of Col.



Hello, can you hear me? I'm in California dreaming about who we used to be When we were younger and free I've forgotten how it felt before the world fell at our feet.

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Автор: HELLO! Просмотры: 37 629.

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«Hello» — песня британской певицы и автора песен Адель с третьего студийного альбома 25. Написанная Аделью и Грегом Керстином, так же являющимся продюсером трека, песня была выпущена лейблом XL Recordings как лид-сингл 22 октября 2015.

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Сергей Филин и его племянница, балерина Большого театра Наталья Филина в съемке HELLO!

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Define hello. hello synonyms, hello pronunciation, hello translation, English dictionary definition of hello. interj.

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Hello, formerly an Americanism, is now nearly as common as hullo in Britain (Say who you are; do not just say 'hello' is the warning given in our telephone directories)...

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informal (spoken greeting, utterance of hello). saludos nmplnombre masculino plural: Sustantivo masculino que se usa únicamente en plural ("maritates", "víveres").

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hello 1883, alt. of hallo (1840), itself an alt. of holla, hollo, a shout to attract attention, first recorded 1588. Perhaps from holla! "stop, cease."

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Hello (first attested in 1833), from holla, hollo (attested 1588). This variant of hallo is often credited to Thomas Edison as a coinage for telephone use, but its appearance in print predates the invention of the telephone by several decades.


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