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How to add a Native Facebook Like Button to your Android app...


No surprise why Facebook introduced a Native Like Button, LikeView, allowed developer to add Like button natively to their Android/iOS apps.

How to add Facebook 'Like' button in Android app?


Official Facebook SDK does not provide implementation of theirs plugin 'Like' for Android. There is just html-plugin designed for web-sites and applications. Let's try to adapt this plugin for Android! In this post we will look at the two things: Using Facebook 'Like' button for single page.

Facebook Like button in Android Application - Stack Overflow


Finally Facebook and Launched Like Button for Android. Steps: 1 - Add Facebook Library to Project. 2 - Create App on Facebook 3 - Update Manifest.

Facebook Like Button in Android app? - Stack Overflow


Looking at Facebook's Android SDK, there are examples on how to share things on your wall, post pictures to your wall, login, logout, etc... but it there doesn't appear to be anything about adding a simple Like button... I was expecting to be able to add a Like Button to my app...

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How to add Facebook like button in Android applications? |

How to add Facebook like button in Android App – Android Apps...


My app display books and i want to add Facebook like button to like book and show how much likes for each book.

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How to add facebook twitter google plus share button in ASP.Net...


Facebook share button Let’s start with facebook share button first 1. You need to have a facebook application id before you could proceed with the javascript.

How to Add Facebook Like Button in WordPress (UPDATED)


Next, you need to provide a Facebook App ID or an Admin ID of a user who has access to Facebook insights. You can use your own Facebook username or ID here.

How To Share An Image On Facebook In Android


Before you can use Facebook’s Android SDK in your Android application (to add features like


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