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java - how to use facebook api for login in my android apps?


Yes you can get user data from Facebook using their official Facebook's Android SDK. https://developers.facebook.com/docs/android/getting-started on their site you can get info about integration of sdk in android app.

Android working with Facebook SDK - Implementation


<provider android:authorities=”com.facebook.app.FacebookContentProvider{APP ID}” android:name=”com.facebook.FacebookContentProvider” android:exported=”true”/>.

Quick Tip: Add Facebook Login to Your Android App


Using the latest version of Facebook's SDK for Android, it takes only a few minutes to add this feature to your app. In this quick tip, you will learn how to add a Facebook login button to an Android app and handle the events to log a user in using Facebook Login.

How to Use Facebook Login Approvals and Code Generator...


Otherwise, install and open the app How Facebook Is Ruining Your Android (and What You Can Do) How Facebook Is Ruining Your Android (and What You Can

how to use facebook login in my android app - Nefd.com


Video: how to use facebook login in my android app.

How To Use Multiple Facebook Accounts On Android


You might be able to use multiple Facebook accounts on your PC, but it’s a bit more complicated on Android. It can be really annoying to sign in and out from multiple Facebook accounts.

how to use facebook login in my android app


Unable to login to facebook messenger app on android. Related Help ...

Using Facebook SDK in Android Example | Stacktips


This tutorial explains how to how to use Facebook SDK APIs in Android. This tutorial allows user to login to Facebook, Share status message to Facebook wall

Manage Two Facebook Accounts On One Android Device Using...


Before Yesterday, Everyone was using only Facebook for Android, the main app for facebook on android devices.

How to add a Native Facebook Like Button to your Android app...


Copy App ID for future use. You are now done creating a Facebook App ! Setup Facebook SDK in your project.

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