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Come over at 12:30-ish (give or take half hour) 2c. Come over at 11:10-ish (your choice; five minutes or ten).

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According to the Hebrew Bible, Ish-bosheth also called Eshbaal, Ashbaal or Ishbaal, was one of the four sons of King Saul, born c. 1047 BC. Ish-bosheth was chosen as the second king over the Kingdom of Israel, which then consisted of all the twelve tribes of the Israelites...

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From Middle English -ish, -isch, from Old English -isc ‎(“-ish”, suffix), from Proto-Germanic *-iskaz ‎(“-ish”), from Proto-Indo-European *-iskos. Cognate with Dutch -s, German -isch (whence Dutch -isch), Norwegian, Danish and Swedish -isk, Lithuanian -iškas, and Ancient Greek diminutive suffix -ισκος...

Watch the Kids from 'Stranger Things' Sing "Uptown Funk" at the Emmys


Budding musician Finn Wolfhard (a.k.a. Mike Wheeler) didn't attend the event. The kids from #StrangerThings performing "Uptown Funk" at the #Emmys preshow. pic.twitter.com/ORtBI9IsZh.

ish - definition of -ish by The Free Dictionary


-ish2. , a formative occurring in verbs borrowed from French ( nourish; perish), used rarely to form verbs in English from Latin bases ( extinguish).

ish. yet another viewport resizer.


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