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2 окт 2015 ... Следующая статья — «TreeGrid Nested Set Model в jqGrid». ... Значения по умолчанию: {plus:'ui-icon-triangle-1-e',minus:'ui-icon-triangle-1-s',leaf:'ui-icon- radio-off'}. .... jqgrid treegrid custom css-class for each tree-level

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11 сен 2012 ... jstree,; javascript,; trees,; tree,; jquery. Реклама помогает .... Могу предложить глянуть на jqGrid. Там есть группировка строк (со сверткой ...

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Usually this should not be changed. During the reading process this option is equal to the datatype option. null. treeGrid. boolean.

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In the same way you can change icons on any other level. Below you find the most important parts of the code from my demo: Var $grid = $("#treegrid"), orgExpandNode = $.fn.jqGrid.expandNode, orgCollapseNode = $.fn.jqGrid.collapseNode; $.

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So you have to place the child nodes of the node immediately after its parent. I placed the corresponding change request in the trirand forum.

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Guriddo TreeGrid JavaScript Demo. More Demos Bootstrap jqGrid JS Guriddo jqGrid JS PivotGrid JS PHP jqGrid Scheduler PHP Form.

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Настройка TreeGrid в jqGrid. Цикл статей «Документация jqGrid на русском».

JQGrid-Treegrid : Remove icon from leaf nodes


I want to remove icon from the leaf node (The default icon for JQGrid-Treegrid leaf node looks like a small radio button and my manager didn't like it).

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It require only to change the file name from jquery.jqGrid.min.js to jquery.jqGrid.src.js.

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TAGS: custom icons jqgrid treegrid. How to use JqGrid TreeGrid in MVC.NET 2?

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The icon changes as if it is collapsed but I can see all it's children. I've tried very simplistic data samples and can't get anything to work right.

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