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Format JavaScript Date to yyyy-mm-dd - Stack Overflow


Format JavaScript Date to yyyy-mm-dd. up vote 34 down vote favorite.

javascript - Get String in YYYYMMDD format from JS date object?


Moment.js could be your friend. var date = new Date(); var formattedDate = moment(date).format('YYYYMMDD')

JavaScript Date Formats


The behavior of "DD-MM-YYYY" is also undefined. Some browsers will try to guess the format. Some will return NaN. var d = new Date("25-03-2015"); JavaScript Long Dates.

javascript Date format(js日期格式化) - 一路前行 - 博客园


Date.prototype.format = function (mask) { var d = this; var zeroize = function (value, length) {.

Дата в формате yyyy-mm-dd - Javascript-форум


var now = new Date(); var formated_date = now.format("yyyy-mm-dd"); Может кому пригодится.

JavaScript new Date() Returning NaN in IE or Invalid Date in Safari


var d = new Date("2011-02-07T11:05:00"); alert(d); If you were run the above code snippets across various browsers you would see that in IE you get

JavaScript: Get current Date in YYYY-MM-DD Format


Is there are any very simple method to get the current date in the format YYYY-MM-DD using JavaScript?

JavaScript Date Time YYYY MM DD HH MM SS | Tyler Frankenstein


Robot: "What time is it JavaScript, buddy? And when you answer, it better be in the format of 'YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS' in 24 hour format with

Javascript – Get YYYY-MM-DD string from a Date object | Eureka!


The following piece of code shows you how to get the YYYY-MM-DD formatted string from a Javascript Date Object. Done =) Reference: StackOverflow - Get String in YYYYMMDD format from JS date object?

Java – How to get current date time


For java.util.Date, just create a new Date(). DateFormat dateFormat = new SimpleDateFormat("yyyy/MM/dd HH:mm:ss"); Date date = new Date(); System.out.println

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