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javascript - How to handle a Kendo UI Grid row double-click event


0. Kendo UI DoubleClick does not work.

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This scenario is not supported by Kendo UI Grid out-of-the-box, however you could try a custom implementation. As a possible approach I can suggest the following: Disable the Grid selection; In the dblclick event add a "k-state-selected" class to the double-clicked row.

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Rebind Kendo Grid with JSON Data. Adding new row to Kendo Grid.

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Creating template column in Kendo Grid. Adding double click event on Kendo Grid.

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In my application, I wanted to handle double click on grid’s row by redirecting user to page, which contained detailed data about this particular row.

kendo ui grid row click event


As of Kendo UI Q1 2015, users can also auto-fit a column by double-clicking its resize handle.

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Kendo UI Grid is able to display bound JSON data, allowing you modify it and even save and cancel changes but for some sort of reason when I do this, I get duplicated rows when I do sync + cancel.

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when the parent grid Kendo grid row double click event not working Hi , I am working on a web Forum thread about Double Click event on Row of RadGridView in UI for Silverlight.

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How to handle a Kendo UI Grid row double-click event. I have a selectable KendoUI grid in my MVC app. I want to do something when the user double-clicks on the grid. I don't see a double-click event for the grid.

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I'm currently testing the Kendo UI MVC Extensions Beta. I'm trying to implement a double click - edit but i don't know how i can get the rowId.

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