AngularJS support in Kendo UI MultiSelect

AngularJS directive support for Kendo UI MultiSelect. ... ng-controller="MyCtrl"> < h4>Select product</h4> <select kendo-multi-select k-options="selectOptions" ...

Делегирование событий

Из него можно получить целевой элемент , понять на каком ... не интересует highlight(target); // подсветить TD }; function highlight(node) { if ...

Трудный выбор грида для проектов на WPF / Хабрахабр

31 янв 2013 ... Viewport.Rows.Where(r => !_headerColumnRows.Contains(r)). ... В последнее время я немного изучал вопрос автоматизации UI тестирования ..... Думал речь идет об альтернативах Grid-панелей, а тут о DataGrid'ах.

jQuery Grid Plugin - "продвинутое" решение для создания таблиц

22 май 2009 ... jQuery Grid Plugin имеет смысл использовать если нужно работать .... $rows = $dbh->query('SELECT COUNT(id) AS count FROM users'); ... чем нужный набор из jquery.ui, который тоже удобно использовать. ...... After Insert Row event, мне надо выводить данные одного столбца разным цветом.

Инструменты программиста

22 янв 2015 ... Find object • Search in Database and in Result Grid • Directly edit table data in ... retrieve parent and child data rows, export and transpose data in Result Grid ... Telerik Kendo UI • Недавно компания Telerik разработала свою .... Mobile touch event support – Drag and drop support – Build layouts in Java ...

Adding selected row change Event on Kendo Grid - CodeProject

I found that Kendo UI Grid is easy and more maintainable. Here I am going to write some basic usage of kendo UI Grid control which is used to work with tabular data.

Make Selection with Checkbox Column | Kendo UI Grid

The example below demonstrates how to select a Kendo UI Grid row using a checkbox, preserve the selection between pages, and get the IDs of the selected items from all pages.

Kendo UI® Dojo by Progress

The Kendo UI Dojo is an interactive environment designed to help you get up and running quickly with Telerik Kendo UI.

Steve Clements' Blog | Kendo UI grid – disable row select...

I want to run separate commands on row select and the button, but Kendo UI will always execute the row select command (grid change event), even if you are hitting a command button.

Kendo Grid in Action - Hasibul Haque's Blog

Getting selected row’s data from Kendo Grid

Configuration, methods and events of Kendo UI Grid

e.sender kendo.ui.Grid. The widget instance which fired the event. Example - subscribe to the "cancel" event during initialization.

javascript - How to handle a Kendo UI Grid row double-click event

The first click will select the grid row, adding a .k-state-selected class to it, and the second click will trigger the double click event.

Get Selected Row Values From Kendo Grid On Change Event

Now it’s time to consume the REST service in the Kendo UI. Using a Kendo Grid with remote binding.

Kendo UI Custom Grid - DZone Web Dev

When I was working in Kendo UI, I thought of creating a similar grid in Kendo UI.

Kendo UI Grid row onBlur event - codes fans

I'm using kendo ui grid and I want to bind onBlur event on the row. I'm using the code below: $('#grid').on('blur', 'tr.k-state-selected', function (e) { var grid ='kendoGrid')


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