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kkab is a Korean slang. Comes from the phrase “kkab chi neun” which means you are so energetic that you are almost annoying. It can also mean that ...

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чёртов translation english, Russian - English dictionary, meaning, see also 'чёрт' ,чертовски' ... He saw the darn cartoon And now he's off to join the Klan.

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15 фев 2014 ... ... Hungarian · Indonesian · Italian · Japanese · Korean · Norwegian · Polish · Portuguese · Romanian · Russian · Serbian · Spanish · Swedish ...

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... Italian · Japanese · Korean · Norwegian · Polish · Portuguese · Romanian · Russian · Serbian · Spanish · Swedish ... #smile #kk #kkk #kkkk #kkkkk #kkkkkkkk .

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kkkl=kk kl=kk kool=kk cool=ok cool. Bill: Wanna see that new movie? Fred: kkkl. Bill: What does that mean? Fred: ok cool. #kkkl #ok cool #kk kl #kk cool #ok kool.

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Korean: kkk ~ ^^ ㅋ ㅠㅠ what do they mean? | Yahoo Answers


Kkk : each 'k' represents a 'ha' so it's like hahaha ~ : used to add stress to a word/sentence the more ~'s the more stress added to it.

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So for those who have come across ‘kkk’ when talking to a Korean person online might wonder what it means – though it might be obvious to some, it may be less to others!

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What does KKK mean? This could be the only web page dedicated to explaining the meaning of KKK (KKK acronym/abbreviation/slang word).

Meaning of KKK - What does KKK mean? - KKK definition


The most popular meaning of KKK is: Ku Klux Klan. What Other Meanings of KKK Are There?



North korean and KKK news article.

Urban Dictionary: KKK


KKK stands for Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, a group of white, Christian supremists.

kkk Translated to Korean


Best Translation. Kkk Translated To Korean. English.

What does KKK mean in texting


It's a typo for kk, which means okay. It can also be the Korean form of "lol", with each "k" or ㅋ being another "ha".

Hi everybody~! from Busan, South Korea kkk - Friends


Comment 0 0. ? PatrickPark 2015.02.13 11:11. kkk ok.

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Korean: kkk ~ ^^ ㅋ ㅠㅠ what do they mean?

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