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The "how old are you?" Song!


Target English: "How old are you?" + replies from 5 to 12 Target grade: Kindergarten to Junior High school 1 Song: is in the Teacher's Set. And in the new curriculum Level. Click the pictures, hear them talk!

Lesson Plan/Target Language: How old are you? I'm a (number).


Lesson Plan. Target Language: How old are you? I'm (number). Vocabulary: Numbers 1 to 12. Target: Young Learners.

Family and friends | 3 How old are you?


b I’m thirteen. 2 Are you new here? a Yes, I am. b I’m Anna. 3 How old are you? a No, I’m not. b I’m eleven. 4 What’s your name?

How old are you?


I am twelve years old and I got 21 out of 40. maddison ( 5.210 ).

Can you spell | How old are you?


I’m twelve. ß How old is she?

How Old Are You? - General Discussion - Zybez RuneScape... | Forum


But I dont want to feel like that, so if like there are people at my age group or older, id feel alot better to wanting to come back to this game. Just wondering how old are you guys that play this?

How old are you? Английская лексика по теме «возраст».


How old are you? – Сколько тебе/вам лет? What is your аge? – Дословно: «Каков твой/ваш возраст?» When were you born? – Когда ты родился/вы родились.

"Gogo`s 8. How old are you?" - английский для детей, Мультфильмы


Сегодня у Тони день варенья: Happy Birthday! How old are you?

How old are you in 7th 8th 9th grade? | Yahoo Answers


7th 12-13 8th 13-14 9th 14-15 ect.. your a freshman in 9th grade a sophmore in 10th a junior in 11th and a senior in 12th.

English for Kids - Book 1 Unit 3 - How old are you?


age: How old are you? This unit offers lesson plan resources for teaching kids how to say their ages by asking the question: How old are you? The resources include: a suggested lesson plan, Powerpoint presentations, Flashcards, Video Slideshow, PDF Worksheets and more.


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