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Let's start. The word is given to the judges. Senior Judge: Silence, please. ... Senior Judge: Mrs. Petrova, The Court warns you that you must tell the whole truth and nothing ... Plaintiff 1: Your Honor, smoking is not allowed anywhere at school.

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A3 The careers officer at Sarah and Henry's school has a good reputation. ..... a crisp carpet of fallen orange, gold and brown leaves in the still, cool air. ..... had had to leave school and start 17) ........ his own living at the age of fifteen. ... have just stayed with while doing a summer English course, Mrs Sampson, who writes: .

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May 29, 2014 ... Yesterday, while watching start wars 7, he asked 'who composes the start wars theme song?' Proudly, I responded, 'Hans Zimmer'...with a ...

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19 апр 2014 ... H.Jackson Brown, Jr. Ничего нет ..... And she wants to know that she is worthy to be loved, that she is worthy to be kept. And, this is how you ...

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27 дек 2010 ... Mrs Collins: Why, yes, all our children go to school at the age of five. .... Speak about: a) starting the day (as it is described in the text); b) your ..... her short hair parted in the middle, and has a red ribbon in her long brown hair.

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12) If you don't hurry/will hurry, you will miss/miss the train. 13) If I go/would go to ..... 6) He's only 16 but he wants to leave school at the end of the term. .... 3) We won't shorten their lunch-break ___ they agree to start earlier. 4) We'll ..... 3) If you (can play) a musical instrument, you (help) with the school orchestra. 4) If they ...

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12 дек 2013 ... ... кратких форм) Dear Sir or Madam Dear Ms Brown Dear Professor Smith ... и фразы (приведенные ниже), так как они помогают выстроить речь; Let me start with. .... Little by little she began to talk of Basil— of how well he had done at school, .... The speaker says he wants to demonstrate his skills 4.

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26 июн 2014 ... 12 Jane didn't mix much with children from other schools. ..... our school day doesn't start with the assembly We don't go to school on Saturdays .... Susan: I'm looking forward to seeing our form teacher Mrs Lan- gridge. .... Мои тоже) He played in the school orchestra. ..... Lucy Brown is good at photography.

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27 дек 2010 ... On the 1st of September about 60 million pupils and students start the ... You get knowledge at school and also from books, from magazines ..... Brown: I'd like to become a subscriber to your library. ... Mrs L.: Do you want to renew it for another two weeks? ..... All he wants of her is to take her photograph.

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12 мар 2014 ... Start on. Show related SlideShares at end. WordPress Shortcode ..... haven't met the Browns since they returned from London. ..... 'Gorgeous,' Mrs. Wexler replied, clutching her husband's arm as her high heels wobbled in the deep plush .... In your letter you ask me about the transport I use to get to school.

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