Урок "Noise Pollution" ("Шумовое загрязнение"). 10–11-й класс


Why has noise pollution become a problem in society? ... In our modern world especially in towns and cities there are practically no ... In Britain, more than half a million people appear to move home every year to ... household noise complaints have risen five-fold over the past two decades. ... Student 1, St.2, St.3, St.4.

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8 янв 2010 ... Yesterday at 6 I (meet) my friend, Sir Julius. ... I was sure if you notice I have no watch you would be disappointed. ... opportunity to attend college, but he (go) on to found a multi-million dollar company ..... You (to make) a lot of noise. ... II. Употребите глаголы в Present Indefinite, либо в Present Continuous ...

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24 окт 2016 ... When your beliefs are being challenged ... Have your say here. ... Noise, dust, grit , hot box heat transfer. As more cities are population destinations road surface grows. ... Wanis shows a typical 2 dim birds-eye view of what could be any old ... Stop spending on current cities (it is over capitalizing ) and start ...

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Helen: The people are so nice there. ... She is very excited - you have to repeat every sentence to her. Tom: I'm ... 1. They said, "This is our book." They said ______. 2. She said, "I went to the cinema yesterday." ..... "Don't make so much noise", said mother to her children. 5. ... "Give me a lift into city, please", she asked me.



лог, Модальные глаголы, Структуры thereis/are,have/has got и т.д. ... работы;. 2. По лекционному курсу и соответствующим литературным источникам изучить ..... People all over the world are very fond of sports and games. That is ..... _____are lots of stray animals in our city, and _____ is nothing that we can do .

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13 янв 2014 ... International tourism is becoming very popular and this certainly has a lot of benefits. ... I live in the countryside, because I hate noise. ... Здесь только 1-й и 2 -й пункты .... live in a big city like New York, it costs your town $500,000 million a .... If our cities will have extensive routes people can using a public ...

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The oldest known examples date back over 4,000 years, but ... Living in cities has made people ... 2) at. 3) on. 4) with. Прочитайте предложения. Выберите один из ... control of my life and I can feel (A29) … of my achievements. ... E. But when I have friends in, I don‟t play loud music, because then we can‟t have a ...

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The city contains buildings from all ages since the 13th century, but particularly .... "This is our way to contribute to the festive spirit during the Eurovision Song Contest. ... 4 arenas, 1 tourist attraction, 300 events and 2 million visitors each year. ... and provides virtually unobstructed views over Stockholm (150 SEK for adults).



city guides have been carefully crafted by our local editors and ... Home to over 12 million people,. Moscow .... Rouble coins come in 1, 2, 5 and 10Rbl. There are 100 kopeks to a ..... already made a loud splash and the release was met with.

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Деление студентов на 2 группы (Одна группа анализирует проблемы жизни в ... 2. “We don't look in our great cities for our best moralities.” by Jane Austen (Мы ... could, may, might, must, а также need, ought, should, to be, to have. ... We watch it happen over there ... About ten million people live in shared apartments.

our city has a noisy of over 2 million people


Welcome to our round London sightseeing tour. ... This city has got a population of about 7 million people. ...

The Top 10 Noisiest Cities In the World


9. Shanghai, China Shanghai, China’s most crowded city, has a population of over 24 million people.

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Our city has a population of over 2 million people.

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spent over $16 million on lobbying.

"Budget problems have hit Wartburg College hard this year."


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over 100 million active monthly smartphone users by 2018.

"NDTV Hindu sold to Dina Thanthi"


Over 5.7 million views in 5 days: Is this really a tourism ad?

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1 in 10 of the Europeans in our survey says that noisy domestic appliances have been a problem in their home during the previous 12 months.

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