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Английский (топики/темы): Video and Computer Games


But video and computer games have advantages as well. Most games require a great deal of patience and focus from the player so video games may even increase players' attention capacities.

Internet Addiction in Adults


Playing computer or video games results in intense feelings of pleasure or guilt that seem uncontrollable. Spending more and more time playing video or computer games to get the same enjoyment.

Video game playing tied to creativity | MSUToday | Michigan State...


About 72 percent of U.S. households play video or computer games, according to the Entertainment Software Association. The MSU findings should motivate game designers to identify the aspects of video game activity that are responsible for the creative effects, Jackson said.

What do you call someone who is obsessed with video games?


I need a slang word which means someone addicted to playing video or computer games. Could gameaholic work? It can't be nerd or geek because although those expressions denote someone who is obsessive, behaves in an eccentric manner, and is viewed as a loner...

Playing video games: Is it good or bad for our children? | Daily Express


Aren’t computer games bad for our children? Despite what parents might assume, scientific research hasn’t proved they’re bad – in fact, the opposite can be true. A study at the University of Oxford last year found that children who played video games for an hour or less a day were happier and had...

Computer/video games as a play therapy tool in reducing


Video/computer games have become very common toys with which children play. They view them as being fun and inviting (Kokish, 1994).

Role-playing video game - Wikipedia


A role-playing video game (commonly referred to as role-playing game or RPG, and in the past was also known as computer role-playing game or CRPG) is a video game genre where the player controls the actions of a character (and/or several party members)...

Game Studies - 7 Social contexts of playing computer games


It is crucial to see what happened on the part of the players, too. What made and makes video and computer games fascinating for them?

Advantages and disadvantages of playing video games


Long hours of playing computer games can also result in headaches and dizziness.

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