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They definition, nominative plural of he, she, and it1 . See more.


And although they may be used as a singular pronoun, they still takes a plural verb, analogous to the use of "you are" to refer to one person: The student brought in a note to show why they were absent.

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From Middle English thei, borrowed in the 1200s from Old Norse þeir, nominative plural masculine of the demonstrative sá, which acted as a plural pronoun. It displaced native Old English hī, hīe ‎(“they”) — which vowel changes had left indistinct from he ‎(“he”) — by the 1400s...

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Usage Note: The use of the plural pronouns they, them, themselves, or their with a grammatically singular antecedent dates back at least to 1300...

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They is the third-person plural personal pronoun (subjective case) in Modern English. It can also be used with singular meaning, particularly in informal contexts, sometimes to avoid specifying the gender of the person referred to.

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They is a general reference to people, or to people who were previously mentioned. An example of they is someone saying that a group of people are standing at a bus stop...

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Предложения. They have a common hobby. У них общее хобби.

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они мест. They went to the movies last night. Вчера вечером они ходили в кино.

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They [ðeı (полная форма); ðə,ðe (редуцированные формы)] pers pron (them) 1. они ( о людях, животных, предметах и т. п.) they are on the table - они на столе. what are they doing? - что они делают? they alone can help us - только они могут помочь нам.

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