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Anything For You, Nanami, a kamisama hajimemashita... | FanFiction


A one-shot lemon for Tomoe and Nanami written at 1AM.

tomoe nanami fanfic lemon


tomoe x nanami lemon | Tomoe And Nanami Lemon Fanfic Wtf by MythicAngels.

warm & happy as a potato in a hotpot — Kamisama Hajimemashita...


Kamisama Hajimemashita Lemon: Study Game Ao3 | FFN (cleaner version b/c posting rules) a very fem!dom nanami/tomoe fic commission for fangirlingforeverz. word count of original story

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tomoe and nanami lemon fanfic.

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Spirit Of The Shrine- Kamisama Kiss Fan Fic. The Mikage shrine also known as the shrine of the land god.

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Tomoe x Nanami lemon. "I'm just tired. Thank you, Tomoe," she added, looking up at him. He snorted.

Tomoe And Nanami Lemon Fanfic Kamisama Hajimem


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nanami and tomoe lemon fanfic.

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nanami and tomoe lemon fanfic. (alt.)

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