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YuGiOh and Dungeons & Dragons in Riga ... behold, a traptrix xyz. sadly both this and the sylvan xyz are ocg exclusives. Flesia no Kowakuma/Traptrix Rafflesia

Traptrix - Yu-Gi-Oh! - Wikia

"Traptrix" (蟲(こ)惑(わく)魔(ま) Kowakuma) is an archetype of Level 4 EARTH monsters that debuted in Judgment of the Light. The ATK and DEF of each monster totals up to 2800. They have the appearance of young girls in their own artworks...

Traptrix Rafflesia - Yu-Gi-Oh! - Wikia

Les monstres "Traptrix" que vous contrôlez ("Traptrix Rafflesia" exclu) ne peuvent être détruits ni au combat ni par des effets de carte.

Traptrix Atrax - Yu-Gi-Oh! - Wikia

Traptrix Atrax アトラの蟲(こ)惑(わく)魔(ま). English.

Traptrix Myrmeleo - Yu-Gi-Oh! - Wikia

Traptrix Myrmeleo. Check translation. German.

Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare - Yu-Gi-Oh! - Wikia

Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare蟲(こ)惑(わく)の落(お)とし穴(あな)...

Traptrix Dionaea - Yu-Gi-Oh! - Wikia

You can only use this effect of "Traptrix Dionaea" once per turn.

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Traptrix Mat bnk64 11 3 Traptrix Atrax Orica Nokani 11 2 Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare Orica Nokani 10 0 Traptrix Nepenthes Orica Nokani 10 4 Dolus and his traptrix...

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Whether it’s Traptrix with Hands or Artifacts or both. or even Traptrix in a deck like Geargia or Inzektor, I’ve been playing a whole lot of [ccProd]Traptrix Myrmeleo[/ccProd] and [ccProd]Traptrix...

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YuGiOh! Traptrix Deck Profile! April 2015! "Shiny Shiny Gold!"

Traptrix Dance Crew

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